Tell GR: What Game Series Deserves a Reboot?

God of War is set to release this week, with Sony’s Santa Monica Studio finally debuting the fresh take on the classic action series. While God of War isn’t a reboot as such, with it still carrying on from the events of God of War 3, it’s a fresh take on a long-established franchise that is a dramatic deviation from what veteran fans have come to expect.

So with God of War being repackaged, that got us thinking — what other old series deserve a fresh update for a modern audience?

Though I’m likely on my own with this one considering its last release didn’t do particularly well, I’m still of the opinion that the world really needs to see the return of the car combat genre, and that Twisted Metal should be revived. I’m fully aware that if Twisted Metal were to be rebooted they’d probably throw it in a giant arena and make it a battle royale game, but as one of two people who loved the PS3’s Twisted Metal, I want to see it make a comeback this console generation. It almost definitely won’t, but a man can hope.

Let us know which game series you feel deserves a reboot in the comments section below!