Cross-Play Podcast Episode #2: CliffyB, Don’t Turn on the Red Light

The Cross-Play podcast is back again with its second episode, otherwise known as the “difficult sequel.” Fortunately, this particular episode wasn’t difficult at all, as we had plenty to talk about thanks to our recent reviews of God of War and the drama surrounding Cliff Bleszinski and Boss Key Productions’ battle royale game Radical Heights.

Cross-Play podcast is a collaborative effort between GameRevolution and PlayStation LifeStyle, with both sites coming together in order to break down the biggest topics of the week. This week Paul Tamburro, Jason Faulkner, Chandler Wood and Cameron Teague run through the major stories of the week, along with diving deep into God of War and providing all the info you could possibly want to hear (minus the spoilers) ahead of the game’s release.

We also run through our opinions on Radical Heights, sharing some particularly “passionate” thoughts on LawBreakers and why Boss Key’s entry in the battle royale genre doesn’t work for us at all. Check it out on SoundCloud and YouTube below:

For next week’s edition of Cross-Play podcast, we want to field a bunch more listener questions. If you have anything you’d like to ask the GameRevolution staff — aside from maybe what color underwear we’re wearing, though we can make exceptions for veteran GR readers — then we’ll be sure to answer them in next week’s episode. With that being said, make sure you leave your questions in the comments section below!

Next week’s episode will appear on GR at 12 pm ET on Tuesday, April 24th, so be sure to tune in and spend your morning/afternoon/evening with us, shooting the shit about video games. We hope you enjoy this week’s episode and look forward to seeing some returning listeners.