Cross-Play Podcast Episode #4: Nintendo Lab-Oh No

It’s the Cross-Play podcast‘s one month anniversary, and we’re celebrating… by talking about video games. What else were you expecting us to do? NOT talk about them? Spend a week of our lives with our eyes glued to something else other than our PCs and TV monitors? Record a podcast about the joys of fresh air and playing outdoors? Of course not. We’re here to talk about the Nintendo Labo and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and that’s exactly what we do this week.

The Nintendo Labo sales weren’t so hot in its first week on sale, as it only managed to sell through 30% of its stock in Japan, Nintendo’s biggest market. Cross-Play hosts Chandler, Cameron, Jason, and Paul had a lot to say about the peripheral this week, offering our thoughts on how Nintendo can sell expensive cardboard to kids (and how to convince their parents to fork out for it), and why anyone would want to buy the damn thing in the first place.

We also discuss the Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer, making a strained comparison between Lara Croft and Batman along the way, while we once again discuss Cliff Bleszinski because at this point he’s our podcast’s unofficial mascot. Don’t tell him we told you that, though.

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