Introducing the GameRevolution Editors’ Choice Awards

Starting today, GameRevolution reviews are going to boast a brand new feature — the GameRevolution Editors’ Choice award. The new Editors’ Choice award, signified by the shiny badge you can see in the above image, is reserved for the very best games that we review on the site. If a game receives a 4.5 or our coveted 5 out of 5 rating, you’ll see the Editors’ Choice badge adorning its review, signifying that it’s a game you need to play.

Along with adding the Editors’ Choice moniker to our recent reviews, we’ve also traveled back in time to add it to older reviews. You can click on the banner below in order to take a look through all of the games that feature the tag:

The above banner will also appear in every review of an Editors’ Choice game, and you can click on it each time to see our expanding library of Editors’ Choice games. For those of you who wait to see GR’s reviews first before you put your money down for a game, this is an excellent way of sifting through the best releases. For everyone else, it’s an interesting way of sorting through the best games both past and present.

Special thanks to GameRevolution forum user mcaballero for suggesting this great idea, and we look forward to hearing more ideas from our community in the future. I hope you enjoy taking a deep dive into our backlog of reviews, and if you have any more great ideas regarding changes you’d like to see on GR, then venture over to Support over on the GR forums in order to let us know!