Community Q&A: May 9, 2018

Another week means another round of community Q&A! Do you have any burning questions for the GR staff that you’ve been dying to ask? Well, now is the time to let us know. Each week during the Cross-Play Podcast (co-hosted with the lovely staff from our sister site, PlayStation LifeStyle) we field questions from you, the readers, with absolute honesty (where NDAs don’t apply)

So, fire away. We’ll answer any questions you have about our operations, industry experience, upcoming content (again, where NDAs don’t apply) or whatever else you can think of. Just try and keep the questions around PG-13 (T for Teen) and don’t get too personal. Things like, “What do you smell like,” and “Who’s your least favorite person on Twitter,” will likely get skated by.

While you’re thinking of the barrage of excellent questions you’re going to ask us, take a look at this week’s Cross-Play Podcast. We voiced our opinions on the latest RDR 2 trailer, crappy licensed mobile games, and a little bit about Cliffy B.

So now that you’re primed, fire away with your questions below. We’ll be answering them on next week’s podcast.