Cross-Play Podcast Episode 5: We Get it Rockstar, Trevor is Crazy

The Cross-Play Podcast has made it to episode #5, and that means we’re confident enough to make our fanbase angry by talking a little smack about a major publisher. This week we talk about the latest info for Red Dead Redemption 2 and our hopes and fears for the title. But really we spend most of that section of the show talking about how Rockstar’s characters are getting a little too formulaic.

Your hosts Chandler, Cameron, Paul, and Jason also talk about God of War‘s tremendous success, and how it’s obvious the single-player game is alive and kicking. Nintendo’s commitment to focus on mobile games also got us talking about why licensed games seem so good these days because all the terrible ones just moved from console to mobile.

All these topics and more are deliberated over by some of the most expert minds that have ever graced the Cross-Play Podcast. Also, there was probably something about Cliffy B.

You can check out Cross-Play Podcast Episode 5 on SoundCloud with YouTube and SimpleCast links forthcoming.

Leave us any questions or comments you may have below, and we’ll discuss them in next week’s show!