Is Call of Duty Dying? Why Black Ops 4 Blackout is a “Red Flag”

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has been officially unveiled, with Activision’s upcoming FPS offering a class-based take on multiplayer along with an all-new battle royale mode, ‘Blackout.’ However, with Black Ops 4‘s ideas seemingly being heavily borrowed from its peers, does this add greater credibility to the argument that Call of Duty is dying?

The Black Ops 4 reveal was met with excitement from some quarters, though with quite a few of its ideas feeling derivative, it remains to be seen if Activision and Treyarch can shake off the fatigue players have been feeling in recent years. The continued push for “boots on the ground” gameplay may be appealing, but with a lack of a single-player campaign, Treyarch will have to do a lot more than simply remind players of the good old days if they wish Call of Duty to remain relevant in 2018. Sure, it’ll still sell by the bucketload, but that the series is on the decline financially isn’t good news. This CoD will hopefully change that.

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