We Break Down Who’s Gonna be the Winners and Losers of E3 2018

The winners and losers of E3 2018 have yet to be decided, though they’re coming. We know they’re coming. We can almost smell the think pieces and hot takes, they’re that close to being published. As such, the Cross-Play podcast boys decided to break down who they think is going to be the shining stars of this year’s event, and who is going to struggle more than most. It’s a special E3 edition of the podcast, folks, meaning that you can listen to our sweet, soft voices for even longer than usual in this 90-minute episode.

We run through the gamut of E3 predictions in this week’s episode, covering everything from the leaks that have taken place ahead of the show, all the way to the “insider” rumors and what the stuff we hope to see from the games confirmed to be at the show. We also have a lengthy discussion regarding Death Stranding, and what we think Hideo Kojima has up his particularly mysterious sleeves.

The Cross-Play podcast is hosted by GameRevolution’s Paul Tamburro (that’s me!) and Jason Faulkner (that’s not me!) alongside our sister site PlayStation LifeStyle’s Chandler Wood and Cameron Teague. Each week, we discuss the biggest news stories from the gaming industry, offering our incensed ramblings finely tuned expert opinions on all of the latest video game developments.

Episode 8 marks the two-month anniversary of Cross-Play, and as always we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Please leave your questions for the next post-E3 episode in the comments section below, and you’re guaranteed to receive a response from us when the next Cross-Play rolls around. Well, y’know, unless you’re really mean to us or something.

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