Skate 4 at EA Play: Why Wasn’t it at E3 2018?

When the Skate 3 servers came online, fans thought that undoubtedly Skate 4 was on the way. However, the EA Play conference is over, and Skate 4 is nowhere to be found at E3 2018. Where was Skate 4? We got a revival of the classic series Command & Conquer for mobile, so it’s not like EA isn’t doing anything with their more neglected franchises. With all the hype fans had at just the thought of a new Skate game, it seems weird EA hasn’t said anything at all.

Will Skate 4 be at E3 2018?

Well, the best chance for us to see Skate 4 would have been at E3 2018. It’s questionable whether or not the game even exists. There was never an official teaser, and EA hasn’t said anything about bringing the franchise back to life. The Skate 3 servers coming back online may have been as simple as someone at EA tripping over a cord in a dusty, abandoned server room somewhere.

There’s also the possibility we may be seeing backward compatibility coming for Skate 3, and the servers are being reactivated in preparation for that. There’s no way to know for sure. However, EA Play isn’t the last opportunity we have to possibly get a Skate 4 announcement.

Announcements can happen entirely at random during E3 week. Sometimes they occur off camera, and we just get a press release, sometimes they’re during conferences you wouldn’t expect them to be at. If I were to bet on it, I would say that if we’re going to see a Skate 4 announcement, it will be at the Microsoft conference tomorrow. We already know that EA is going to have a big reveal for Battlefield 5 there, and there’s a chance that a Skate 4 announcement might be squeezed in as well.

With the failure of Tony Hawk 5 to do anything right, the market is wide open for a new skateboarding game. Who knows, we might just hear some Skate news tomorrow. Then again we may not.