The GameRevolution E3 2018 Show: Watch Us Break Down Our E3 Top 10!

E3 2018 has come to an end, and if you’ve been tuned into GameRevolution then you’ll know that we provided our most extensive coverage of the event to date. As our previews from the show continue to roll in, Jason and I sat down to discuss our thoughts from E3, including our top ten best games of the show.

If you didn’t already know, GameRevolution has its own Twitch channel where we stream the latest releases daily. If that’s something you’re into, then give us a follow. Starting with E3 2018, we’re also going to be broadcasting a weekly GR talk show, in which myself, Jason, and guests will sit down in order to discuss all things video games. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and a recording of the stream will be posted right here on GR every Thursday, so be sure to tune in!

The GameRevolution E3 2018 Show is the first in this new video series, and we ran the gamut of everything we loved about this year’s big event, along with some things we didn’t love. While E3 2018 was packed with games that we can’t wait to play, some press conferences were unfortunate duds and there were also some notable omissions. Watch the video below to hear our thoughts while watching our lovely, professional faces:

If you’re into your Twitch, then be sure to stay tuned heading into July as the GR team has some exciting stuff lined up for the near future. Also, the GR Twitch show isn’t the only new community-focused project we have in the works — keep an eye out for a brand new recurring feature making its way to GameRevolution this Friday!

Featured Image Credit:Charley Gallay / Stringer / Getty Images