Cross-Play Podcast Episode 11: How to Lose Fans and Alienate People

It’s certainly been a controversial few days in the gaming industry. After ArenaNet fired two of its staff members for getting into a spat with a Guild Wars 2 player and a horde of angry Reddit users, much of the conversation online has revolved around who’s right, who’s wrong, and if getting ticked off online should really lead to a dismissal from your employer. Your Cross-Play podcast hosts had some thoughts on this whole sh*t-show, and they didn’t quite agree with one another on this contentious subject.

Also discussed on this week’s podcast is the game developer who said that women don’t have the “capability” to be CEOs in the industry, because this was apparently a week in which everyone lost their minds online. We also discuss a particularly disturbing Roblox story, why Skyrim has a terrible opening act, and the chances that virtual reality will gain momentum in its third generation.

We’re also staging a giveaway on next week’s show, with our listeners bagging themselves a free game if their question is featured during the episode. To participate, just leave us a question in the comments section below, and tune in next week to see if the hosts answered it. If they did, then you’ve got yourself a brand new PS4 or PC game!

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