GameRevolution Tech and Geek Culture is Coming Soon

GameRevolution is changing. Starting in August, GR’s readers will see two brand new categories pop up on the site: Tech and Geek Culture. These categories will both offer something different, providing our readers with coverage surrounding a wide variety of topics outside of video games. Are you into Magic: The Gathering? There will be a place for that here. Brand new and exciting technology? We’ll cover that, too. Tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer? You’ll have a place at GR. Anime? Yep, that’ll be here, too.

Gaming as a hobby is now enjoyed by a broad and diverse range of people, stretching far beyond the confines of those who considered themselves “gamers” back in the ’80s and ’90s. GR has been around since 1996, with it being established in a year that saw the release of Super Mario 64Resident Evil, and Tomb Raider. Since then, its viewership has grown way beyond what its original creators likely envisaged for their plucky little cheat codes site. The GameRevolution staff is committed to opening up the gates to the largest possible audience.

Which brings us to Tech and Geek Culture. Though you’ll still get all your regular gaming news, features, reviews, previews, and event coverage, it’ll now be complemented by a whole host of other stuff you love. Though you’ll still see some stuff posted in these categories over the next 10 days or so (like our Mia Khalifa interview), expect to see a full launch starting August 1st, where our team will grow once again with some dedicated Tech and Geek Culture writers, along with a whole bunch of features spread across your favorite hobbies.

Remember to stay active in the comments sections of our Tech and Geek Culture posts, letting us know which coverage you like/dislike and being your usual vocal selves. We look forward to sharing what we’ve got up our sleeves with you. Tune in, don’t miss out!