Here are the Games That Probably Won’t Release This Console Generation

The PS5 and next Xbox console are on the horizon. It’s really only a matter of time before fans are treated to what the next generation of gaming machines has to offer. Though we haven’t seen any games in action yet, its safe to assume that plenty of developers are hard at work for the future. The following is a list of titles that almost assuredly won’t release until the next console generation is upon us.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was originally announced three years ago during E3 2015 with a short two-minute teaser trailer. Fans have heard very little about the title apart from some concept art and an early look at gameplay. A Square Enix job listing hinted that the remake may take more time than anticipated this past April, however. The developer claimed that it is aiming for a “new creation” that “exceeds the original.” This implies that the team reevaluated the project and determined that it could use a bit more fine-tuning.

As further evidence, work on the title shifted from developer CyberConnect2 to Square’s internal teams only a year ago. All work done by the outside studio was reportedly scrapped in the process. All of this suggests that fans shouldn’t hold their breaths for Remake releasing on their PS4 systems anytime soon. The game will most likely be a PS5 title and may launch halfway through that console’s life cycle.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite was revealed to a lot of fanfare at this year’s E3. However, the trailer shown wasn’t really intended to show off the new game. Rather, it was a means of introducing the Slipspace Engine. Developer 343 Industries stated after the conference that the team had created an entirely new engine for the upcoming title and that all the footage shown was running in-engine. The studio went on to clarify in a blog post that it still has a “long way to go” until the game shipped.

It’s safe to say fans won’t be seeing Halo Infinite anytime soon. Microsoft announced later in its E3 presentation that it is indeed working on a new generation of consoles. It seems likely that Infinite is more closely aligned with the next Xbox than with the current one. It wouldn’t be too out of reach for the title to be a launch exclusive for Microsoft’s newest platform. We’ll just have to patiently wait and see.

Grand Theft Auto 6

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Rockstar will be making a Grand Theft Auto 6. The last iteration in the series has sold over 90 million copies across every platform its released on, after all. For now, the developer is regularly introducing new updates to its online multiplayer component to keep up its revenue stream. When those numbers eventually fade, the studio will have to introduce the franchise to a new generation of consoles.

With its western sequel launching this October, Rockstar will most likely dedicate its resources to supporting the title’s online functionality. This will last several years, at least until the current generation of consoles is over. It makes sense for the developer to release GTA 6 midway through the PS5 and next Xbox’s life cycles so as to not cannibalize Red Dead Redemption 2‘s ecosystem.  This would also establish a viable revenue source without conflicting with prior Rockstar releases.


starfield trailer reveal e3 2018 bethesda

Bethesda’s Todd Howard was quoted with saying that Starfield was a “next-generation single-player epic” when it was revealed at E3 this year. Whether or not that implies its for release on future consoles remains anyone’s guess. As it stands, we haven’t seen much of the title. All that was shown off was a teaser trailer of a spacecraft warping into the distance.

Howard stated in a GameSpot interview that he “can’t absolutely say yes” to leaving current generation consoles behind later on at the event. He’d rather not “limit the game that way yet.” Platforms are not much of a priority at the moment. It seems as though Howard and his team are just focused on shaping Starfield into the best sci-fi experience it can be for now.

The Elder Scrolls 6

If what Todd Howard stated during Bethesda’s E3 press conference is true, The Elder Scrolls 6 will release after Starfield.  Seeing as how the latter might not launch until the PS5 and next Xbox are here, it’s a safe bet that the sixth main installment in the series will release during the next console generation.

A release for sometime in 2021 would be opportune. Skyrim launched ten years prior in 2011, after all. Should The Elder Scrolls 6 find the same mainstream success of its predecessor, expect it to release on a variety of platforms outside of Sony and Microsoft ownership. The prospect of an open world RPG on more technically impressive hardware is exciting, though little else is known about the title.

What are some other games that won’t release this console generation? Will any of the ones above launch for PS4 and Xbox One? Will we ever see Final Fantasy 7 Remake in our lifetimes? Let us know in the comments below!