Grand Theft Auto 5 Sales Account For a Third of All GTA Revenue

Grand Theft Auto 5 sales account for a third of all GTA revenue, new figures have revealed.

GTA 5 has now passed the 90 million sales milestone, selling 15 million units in 2017. Considering that it was originally released in 2013, these are incredible figures for Rockstar and Take Two, with it continuing to be a staple of the gaming sales charts nearly five years following its initial launch.

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad shared some similarly impressive facts about the game’s selling power, noting how the data suggests that 1 in 3 PS4 and Xbox One owners also own a copy of the game, making its attach rate nigh-on unparalleled in the modern gaming industry.

Ahmad also shared news about Grand Theft Auto 5‘s impact on the GTA series in general, tweeting that the franchise has sold 275 million units worldwide. This means that nearly a third of the series’ sales have been for its latest entry.

As Ahmad noted, GTA Online has been a huge boost to Rockstar and Take Two’s revenue, with its Shark Card microtransactions driving in huge numbers for the companies. This trend will likely continue with Red Dead Redemption 2, which is set to have its own dedicated online component.

Grand Theft Auto 5‘s online multiplayer offering proved to be so popular that Rockstar abstained from releasing any new single-player content for the game, unlike Grand Theft Auto 4 with its highly praised DLCs, The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.