Your Octopath Traveler Tour Guide

Octopath Traveler is the latest in Square Enix’s stable of Switch releases. Its stylish, quasi-medieval setting is the backdrop for many interconnected tales of hope and woe. Luckily for us, that setting is home to all manner of wild and wonderful holiday locations. Octopath Traveler has built a world that’s delightful to explore, to taste, and to see. We’ve put together a local’s guide to the best sights and smells that the game has to offer. Come fast travel with us!

Octopath Traveler Tour Guide: Bro Down in Boulderfall


This is an obvious choice for those who can’t stay off the booze bus. Love a good pub crawl with the lads? Boulderfall has the right mix of chav and classy for a bangin’ night out. It’s far enough out of the way to dissuade lesser adventurers from making the trip. On top of that, it’s also built like a layer cake, and each layer brings with it a new attraction.

We recommend starting in the middle. After you arrive in town all dusty from the road, you won’t be in a state to visit some of the loftier sights in Boulderfall. However, the central tier of the city will be more than happy to suck up some of your coin. Want to splash out on the latest in mercenary fashion, or to get your jaw wagging with the locals? This part of town is perfect for a casual romp.

However, you’d be a fool to look past some of the finer things that this cliffside town has to offer. Warning: Ravus’ Manor has a dress code of smart casual, so be sure to pack appropriately! While they only have one rare dragon artifact left on display, the true attraction is being pursued by bloodthirsty guards in the continent’s most advanced Escape Room.

Once you’ve gotten away with the requisite adrenaline highs, it’s time to kick back for some lowkey drinks at the many watering holes dotting the bottom tier of Boulderfall. You’re sheltered from the worst of the wind down here, so at least you won’t freeze to death doing a walk of shame at 2 in the morning.

Octopath Traveler Tour Guide: Tramping in the Stillsnow Wilds


If you consider yourself a fan of roughing it, then the Stillsnow Wilds is the destination for you. Packed with beautiful, fluffy coats of snow and feisty wildlife, it’s a dream for those wanting to walk on the wild side. Fur might be a controversial topic in other parts of the world, but there’s plenty of big game ripe for the skinning out here.

Once you tire of hunting down giant bears and ferrets, stick to the path least traveled and have a relaxing stroll to a local religious landmark. We mean this quite literally; the only indication of a winding path through the region is a set of unevenly spaced pegs in the snow. This isn’t a location for the faint-hearted, but even non-believers will be in awe of the Shrine of the Flamebearer that awaits at the end of a trail of those pegs.

It’s best not to waste the blessing of the Flamebearer. After all, there’d be no need for confessions if no one ever sinned. For those with more discerning tastes and ample coin, Stillsnow is also known for a certain hospitality. Ever wanted to be whisked away in a private carriage with the woman of your dreams? This is the place to go, as long as you promise to keep your mouth shut.

Octopath Traveler Tour Guide: Kick Back in Rippletide


For those who think that adventuring raises one’s heart rate a little too much, we’ve got them covered too. Enter Rippletide, a quaint seaside village that’s good for bants, unwinding, and delectable seafood. For a small town, there’s a surprising variety of shopkeeps here. You’re sure to find some knick-knacks to bring home, even if they’re on the kitschy side.

Once you’ve had your fill of getting to know the friendly locals, dig into some freshly-caught fish. The tavern’s serving them up in all kinds of styles, and there’s something for every palate. There’s no need for a reservation; just rock up and rub elbows with everyone from pirates to merchants alike. If there’s one thing that gets people to put down their swords, it’s flounder that’s finger-lickin’ good.

However, the town offers more than an extended spa trip. Those who tire of idle relaxation can try their hand at going toe to toe with local buccaneers. We hear that they’re extremely susceptible to good grog, but if you catch them at the right time, who knows what treasure you’ll find!

Octopath Traveler Tour Guide: Provincial Fun in Clearbrook


The last stop on our cross-country tour of Orsterra is the quiet Clearbrook. Home to a thriving collective of dairy farmers and others who live off the land, it’s the closest to a clean, green retreat that you’ll get. Sandwiched between the polar opposite climes of the desert and the snowy ridges, it’s a welcome respite from the extreme weather.

Sit back, relax, and chew some cud. The Riverlands are great for those who enjoy scenic walks, and even better if you’re looking to hear from adventurers of yore. Many a local is an adventurer of yore, and if you stop by the right house, you’ll be privy to some tales of valor and mischief. The townsfolk are more talkative than most, and whiling your time away with a cup of tea is easy to do.

Once you’ve had your fill of tales from the road, head to the apothecary for some natural remedies. Looking for something to do with all of your slippery nuts? Need a curative made out of some snake bits that you collected? Zeph will sort you out, even if you’re only after some multivitamins. The lad knows exactly what will be the most useful in the heat of battle, so stock up on those herbal medicines!

There’s plenty to do in Orsterra, even if you choose to go off the beaten track. Our list covered some hidden gems, but it was by no means exhaustive. From gourmet dining in Atlasdam to the cabaret clubs of Sunshade, there’s plenty out there.

Let us know what your favorite holiday destinations are, and if you know of any good deals then share them in the comments section below.