FFXIV Glamour Report: The Best Fashion From the Latest Final Fantasy 14 Update

Final Fantasy 14 is a MMO that doesn’t lack features. From humongous crossover events to seasonal in-game festivals, there’s a wealth of things to do when you need a break from the story. One of the many ways that you can amuse yourself in FFXIV is a little game called Fashion Report. Players who fancy themselves sartorial geniuses can visit the Golden Saucer for a dress-up challenge. In the vein of Project Runway, aspiring stylists are given a theme that they must adhere to. They then go off and prepare outfits for the discerning eye of Eorzea’s Heidi Klum — the Masked Rose. Scores are graded out of 100, and those who do well are reward in cold, hard cash. Since Fashion Report was introduced, it has grown in popularity, and FFXIV rewards us constantly with new glamours. Here are some of Parch 4’s best #looks.

FFXIV Fashion Report – Blackbosom Attire

Final Fantasy XIV_Blackbosom

The Blackbosom look screams an Alexander McQueen eleganza extravaganza. The chunky heel is more Costco than couture, but it suits the lifestyle of someone who does a lot of walking.

There’s practicality in the dark colors, and in the wide-brimmed hat. The flowers add a pastel touch to the witch’s hat, which is very on-trend at the moment. It’s a look that’s conservative, but with an element of playful sexiness. The cinched waist separates the shiny, form-fitting bodice from the myriad of frills. The full skirt adds an illusion of full hips, and the monochromatic color palette makes every detail stand out. Our only complaint here is the laces on the boots and the peekaboo lace lining the waist. When combined with the crinkled hat, the look is almost too much like a costume. While it doesn’t seem ideal for traversing Yanxia and Stormblood‘s warmer climates, Coerthas-bound adventurers will find it flirty and practical in equal measure.

FFXIV Fashion Report – Far Eastern Gentleman’s Attire

Final Fantasy XIV_Far Eastern

Glamour is a sport for all shapes and sizes, and this Far Eastern set clearly flatters all manner of adventurers. Distinct in its flowing robe and diaphanous pants, the headpiece isn’t the only item that stands out.

You’re serving magistrate realness in this, and the royal blue sash with its embroidery is a distinct stamp of authority. It’s a bold look but the customizable silk panes mean that you can choose whatever color flatters you the most. The pattern really pulls all disparate elements of the outfit together. It’s brought in at the waist in a flattering way, though we find it hard to look away from the footwear. They’re too much like knock-off Yeezy boots, and alone they’d be a travesty. However, they ensure that the whole look doesn’t get too stuffy. This isn’t a look that translates well to nighttime, so please leave these layered robes at the door of the nearest Kugane dancing house.

FFXIV Fashion Report – Republican Medicus’ Chiton

Final Fantasy XIV_Republican

This glamour arrived late in the overall Patch 4 rollouts. However, it looks absolutely stunning. If any look were to invoke spirits of Ancient Greece, it’d be it.

There’s something about the look which has a scholarly quality to it even with the exposed skin. It may be the intentionally conservative color that contrasts with the seductive cut. The look has a very clear angelic motif. On top of that, it has more accessories than most. The bracers that look like wings, the golden bronze trim, and the headdress all give seraphic vibes. Despite all of that, there’s a certain unholiness to the draped fabric. It’s easy to imagine this look in an old painting amidst a tangle of limbs. The ruching is equally flattering on male adventurers, swapping bare thigh for leather straps that add an edgy quality.  While Final Fantasy 14 is pretty good at ensuring that all characters look good in glamours, the Medicus set is a beauty on another level. Furthermore, the simplicity of the outfit is appealing. This could be great at a law stein or a Renaissance fair, and we score the duality of the look very high.

These looks are strong both thematically and sartorially. Whether it’s an outfit for a date with a necromancer or one fit for a Greek goddess, Final Fantasy 14 has got you covered. A lot of the best glamours aren’t obtained through spending real money either. You can earn an outfit through PVP victories, through doing your general class quests, and by generally participating in the game’s ecosystem. There’s a lot for you to enjoy if you’re a fan of fashion, and Patch 4 has been a couture enthusiast’s dream. Do you have any favorite outfits that we haven’t listed here? Perhaps you’ve got haute couture stylings that set you apart from the pack? Let us know in the comments section below!