World of Warcraft Bachelor(ette) of Azeroth: Most Boneable WoW Characters

The World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth expansion rears its head in a scant few weeks. The Horde and the Alliance have spent decades putting their differences aside for the greater good. When Blizzard announced Battle for Azeroth last year, it was a tacit nod towards long-time fans. The war between the opposing factions has been the true conflict at the heart of WoW. Now it’s time to lay all those cards on the table. The Alliance and the Horde are both led by figures who inspire and intimidate in equal measure. However, admiration and fear aren’t the only strong emotions that we feel when we look upon Sylvanas Windrunner. Does Anduin make you hungry for Fresh Meat? Looking to give Saurfang some Dark Succor? We support you. Here’s our list of WoW‘s most eligible and what they’re up to.

Sylvanas Windrunner

World of Warcraft_Sylvanas

Sylvanas is unquestionably a hottie with body. She’s long been a fan favourite, and not only because she’s incredibly powerful. Sylvanas is definitely morally grey, but don’t let that stop you from fantasizing. If anyone’s poised to kick off the expansion with a bang, it’s her. Tracking this fine banshee’s rise to the throne is a dramatic affair. From her torture at the hands of The Lich King to reluctant warchief after the death of Vol’jin, her quick ascent has been seen by some as undeserving. Formerly loyal Forsaken subjects have commented on the fact that Sylvanas’ newfound aggression towards the Alliance, which doesn’t bode well for soft-hearted Anduin. We only need to look as far as the beta for Battle for Azeroth to see that Sylvanas has obliterated the line in the sand when it comes to race relations.

As a member of the Horde, you’re given the indelicate task of unleashing the blight upon Alliance forces. There was no question that the use of the plague was repugnant in the past. However, Vereesa’s betrayal at the end of Mists of Pandaria has clearly played a part in leading our warchief down this dark path. We know that Sylvanas has been steadily losing what little goodwill Horde members have reluctantly granted her. Even so, she’s as lovely as she is deadly. She’s maintained an athletic form even after having her corpse desecrated four expansions ago, which is impressive in itself. It may be hard to agree with her hardline anti-Alliance stance, but following in her footsteps is far from a chore.

Anduin Wrynn

World of Warcraft_Anduin

Anduin is positioned as Sylvanas’ nemesis. He’s definitely no longer a sheltered child, and he’s got the holy magic to prove it. Being able to go toe to toe with Sylvanas’ dark ranger arts is no joke, and Anduin more than stood his ground. He’s been subjected to a lot of personal turmoil in recent expansions. Forming an uneasy alliance with Wrathion was the least of his problems. Now that he’s had to come to terms with his father’s death, it looks like we’ll be seeing a less passive side of Anduin in Battle for Azeroth. He’s made a lot of choices that have frustrated some fans, but he’s always stuck to his own moral code.

Legion closed with Anduin committing himself to his kingly duties. However, he’s still on-brand by thinking the worst of Sylvanas and trying to get ahead of whatever trouble he fears she’ll unleash. Life on the throne has clearly treated him welll; he’s matured from a whiny child into a twunk. For the uninitiated, that’s a twink with the build of a hunk. Anduin’s clearly been eating whatever amounts to protein shakes in Azeroth. Lugging around that plate armor has done his body good. Inheriting Varian’s stern jaw and cut-glass cheekbones doesn’t hurt either. We may be divided on whether he’s a good leader for the Alliance, but we can all agree that his new position suits him.

High Overlord Saurfang

World of Warcraft_Saurfang

High Overlord Saurfang is the definition of a morally conscientious daddy. He’s been around for so long that he’s basically a cultural relic of the Horde. A veteran of countless wars, Saurfang has the mettle and the scars to prove it. Luckily for him, he’s aged like a fine wine. Taking a stance against genocide probably did wonders for his skin. Judging by his current opposition to Sylvanas and her unorthodox methods, he’ll be looking fine for a long time. After the Horde assists their warchief in unleashing bioterrorist hell on the Alliance, good ol’ Saurfang effectively defects. He makes it clear that he’ll have no part in the violence that Sylvanas is unleashing.

This loss has hit fans hard, but it’ll only spell trouble for the Horde’s ranks. Our banshee queen has already found it hard to keep the splintered factions within her camp happy. A war hero like Saurfang defecting could mean that others who respected him start getting cold feet too. While he doesn’t admit to garnering supporters from within the Horde’s ranks, he doesn’t have to. His military exploits have brought him a lot of authority, whether he recognizes that or not. Saurfang knows what he wants and he strikes when the opportunity presents itself, even if he goes against the grain. That kind of independence is sexy in any orc, and we like a bad boy with heart of gold.

Jaina Proudmoore

World of Warcraft_Jaina

There’s a saying about how absolute power corrupts absolutely. Jaina is undoubtedly one of the most sorceresses alive, and she’s definitely given us cause for concern in the past. While she may ahave been keen on Horde and Alliance relations previously, Varian’s death has left her a changed woman. We saw that change in Legion when she disavowed the Horde and blamed them fervently for the old King’s misfortune. now that Jaina’s on her warpath, there seems to be no reasoning with her. Anduin isn’t quite the commanding presence that his father was, and he’s going to find it nigh impossible to keep her on a leash. In Battle for Azeroth, we see her having to face the consequences for her father’s death in a very real way; her past has finally caught up to her.

She confronts her own family and her countrymen that loathe her for her father’s unbecoming but emerges all the stronger for it. Just like Sylvanas, Jaina is a survivor who’s hardened her heart after all the losses brought to her by the war between the Horde and Alliance. Just like Sylvanas, Jaina is determined to place the blame at her enemies’ feet and let loose the hounds of war. An understudy of classical warfare, she is also a classical beauty. Jaina strikes a deadly figure at the helm of a warship, and that’s not only because of her mastery of magic. She may be a controversial leader within the Alliance, but you’d be a fool to not find her an absolute stunner. This sorceress wields power, influence, and has the ear of the King. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone better.

Our list of eligible faction leaders isn’t exhaustive, even though we’ve chosen to focus on Battle for Azeroth’s major players. Let us know who you’re looking forward to encountering in Battle for Azeroth, and what makes them so delectable. We’re waiting to hear from you in our comments section below!