Fortnite Season 5 Best Places to Land: How to Get High Kill Games

Fortnite Season 5 has brought with it a bunch of new changes to its locations, each presenting their own unique set of challenges when it comes to making use of them as landing locations. With many players seeking out the best places to land in order to achieve those high kill games, As a diehard Fortnite player, I understand the struggles of figuring out the best places to land in the game. As such, I’ve compiled a countdown of the most advantageous spots to choose if you’re looking to mow down a bunch of rivals in a round.

Fortnite Season 5 Best Places to Land: The Top 5 High Kill Locations

The following locations aren’t the most ideal places to land if you’re looking for a quiet round. However, they are the best spots in the game if you want to bag yourself plenty of kills. You’re going to need to have a skilled trigger finger to get out of these places alive, but they come packed with a lot of loot and a lot of rival players. Let’s a take a look at the best places to land below:

5: Paradise Palms

fortnite season 5 best places to land paradise palms

Paradise Palms is one of Fortnite‘s newest locations, with it being introduced in season 5. I would only recommend landing at the desert resort if it appears at the start of the round’s bus path, as a lot of people tend to land here. Three or four players typically tend to land at the hotel, so if you decide to join them you will either die very quickly or get a few early and easy kills. My favorite place to land in Paradise Palms is near its stores. The stores are the buildings in the middle of the resort, with their black-topped roofs being visible as you descend from the bus. You’ll typically find a lot of chests in these three buildings, ideal for kitting yourself out with the best weapons and items early in the game.

Don’t worry if the zone isn’t on your side; you can always take a rift or an ATK. If you decide to take a rift, head on over to Dusty Divot, as this is similarly filled with players. If you decide to take an ATK, you have to remember that once someone sees you they will immediately start shooting, with the vehicle making you incredibly vulnerable to enemy gunfire. Keep your eyes open out for rival players, and always be ready to hop off the ATK in order to initiate a gunfight.

After landing in Paradise Palms, get your kills before making your way out of there as soon as possible. A big mistake many people make when trying to get high kills is staying in the town and looting. The only time you should do this is when you are low on health, and crucially need meds.


4: Retail Row

fortnite season 5 best places to land retail row

I would recommend landing at Retail Row if the bus path starts at Wailing Woods, Lonely Lodge, or even Paradise Palms. For high kills you’re going to want to drop down to the left side of Retail Row among the bunch of houses, with is more crowded than the side with all the stores. The house with basketball court next to it boasts three chest spawn locations; one in the doghouse, one in the roof, and another in the lower roof.

The bottom floor is the safest bet since you aren’t guaranteed a gun if you land on the roof, as the chest may not spawn. If you land on the bottom floor, you should land at the dog house for a possible chest, and then move inside where there are a lot of ground spawns that should allow you to find a shotgun.

After landing, move to the left side of Dusty Divot as a lot of players will be moving towards this location. The edge of the zone is usually around Dusty, so everyone will be rushing in from the storm trying to get into the safe zone. For a few sneaky extra kills, wait around the edge of the circle and pick off your rivals as they try to make their way in.


3: Salty Springs

fortnite season 5 best places to land salty springs

Salty Springs is an excellent choice for your landing location. It is near the center of the map, which means you won’t have any trouble moving to the safe zone when the storm heads in, and it’ll also ensure that you can get some mid-game kills by picking off those who. Usually about five to seven people land at Salty, bagging skilled played 3-4 easy kills if they get their hands on some weapons before their rivals.

I would recommend landing in the blue house if you want some early action, with it also boasting the most loot. There is also a secret underground hero base, which was introduced in season 4. If you want a slightly easier ride, you can land at the red brick house, right next to the blue house. You’ll usually find a couple of chests here and a lot of ground spawns for that extra loot.

Salty Springs will see you fending off a lot of players mid-game because of its location in the center of the map. Depending on the location of the storm, you should either head off to Dusty Divot, Fatal Fields, Retail Row, or even Tilted Towers after looting.

2: Pleasant Park

fortnite season 5 best places to land pleasant park

Pleasant Park can be extremely crowded when the bus path starts at Snobby Shores, Haunted Hills, Junk Junction or Lazy Links. I would only land here if the bus path begins at one of those locations. I would recommend landing at the large, grey house, or the house with the underground room since this side of Pleasant seems to be more crowded and contested. After you survive Pleasant Park, you should head over to the metal Durr Burger that came from Greasy Grove. This spot has a chest and many rifts. Before taking the rift, you should harvest the Durr Burger and take the 70 metal that comes from it. Then use the rift to travel within the safe zone, or to head on over to Tilted Towers if it is still within the boundaries of the storm.

1: Tilted Towers

fortnite season 5 best places to land tilted towers

I know this one is obvious, but if you want to maximize your kill potential then Tilted Towers is the best place to do it. The bus path doesn’t really matter here, but this place tends to be more crowded if Greasy Grove is your first drop-off point.

If you venture into Tilted Towers and manage to escape with your life, you’ll walk away with some incredible loot and a good number of kills. If you want a couple of super early kills, you should land in the big grey tower in the center of the Towers. A handful of players land there every game, and if you find a shotgun or SMG before they do, you should be able to take them down. Another benefit of this building is that it has wooden pallets that give 60 wood each, and there are lots of chests and loot spawns so you will be well-prepared for your next firefight.

If you’d rather have a safer start to your game, you can land the left of Tilter Towers, by the clock tower. I wouldn’t recommend landing in the clock tower because you likely won’t find a shotgun spawn, a weapon which will prove to be very useful in the early stages as a result of its close-range prowess. You can land in the brick building right next to the clock tower, or the building just in front of the park. These are much more subdued starting points than landing in the center of Tilted, and you can pick up some advantageous loot before your next fight.

Once you loot your first building I would recommend moving towards the building in the center, that is currently under construction as of season 5. This building contains a lot of wooden pallets and if you collect the resources from all of them you can easily get 500 wood. If you just want to get double-digit kill games, I would recommend trying to get at least five or six kills in tilted, then get the last couple in mid- and late-game.

If Tilted is still in the circle, you can bunker down and wait for people to come from Shifty Shafts and Pleasant Park. Try Salty because most of the time people will be moving towards that central area of the map.