What Are You Playing? Two Point Hospital, Pokemon, and Life Is Strange

I should start off apologizing for the above image I have enforced upon you. It turns out that all it takes is PhotoShop and 10 seconds to create the most harrowing image imaginable. Try your best to ignore that Two Point Hospital doctor’s thousand-yard stare for a moment, because we want to know what you’ve been playing this week.

Take a look at what GR’s team have been sinking their teeth into, and let us know your choices for the week in the comments below!

Paul Tamburro: I’ve been playing Two Point Hospital, which I can’t talk about as reviews are still under embargo. It’s a pretty dull entry for me this week, then. But you know what isn’t dull? TWO POINT HOSP—(lawyers burst in through the window and restrain Paul).

Bradley Russell: The Simpsons Game on PS2 out of morbid curiosity. Man, thought latter-day Simpsons was rough? You probably haven’t played this. Uter is a Nazi, Smithers is played for gay jokes throughout, and the whole game mocks the idea of video games being generic by… being a generic-ass video game. Avoid this shit. I’m angry I wasted a whole week on it.

Aimee Hart: I’ve been giving Iconoclasts a go for the first time and surprisingly I’m not as enamored with it as everyone else seems to be. I find the story a bit over the place, to be honest, and it certainly isn’t a platformer for beginners as I’ve got stuck a number of times. That said, the game is gorgeous and the characters are beautifully written.

David Lozada: I booted up my 3DS for the first time in years and started playing Pokemon Omega Ruby just for the hell of it. Though the franchise has more or less grown stale for me (it feels like the same game every time), I can’t help but lose myself to the game’s soundtrack, especially when I’m out fishing for rare monsters at sea. Maybe I’ll try the next entry when it comes out for Switch. Maybe.

Alleef Ashaari: I played Life Is Strange and Life Is Strange: Before The Storm for the first time. I thought I was prepared for getting emotionally wrecked but man, was I wrong. With Life Is Strange 2 arriving next month, it seems like Dontnod isn’t going to stop tugging our heartstrings anytime soon.