Top 20 Games We Want to See at Tokyo Game Show 2018

Tokyo Game Show 2018 is coming up, with the event opening to the public later this month. Though the west may perceive E3 as being the big gaming expo, TGS 2018 is going to be packed with heavy hitters, with developers from across the industry coming together in order to showcase their upcoming releases.

Among the developers and publishers appearing during the expo are SEGA, Capcom, Bandai Namco, and Sony, with each company having a variety of games that will each be featured during the event. We’ve outlined the 20 games we’re most excited to see at  the Tokyo Game Show 2018 in the gallery below:

TGS 2018 has a mix of new announcements and highly anticipated games in store, with the likes of Death Stranding set to be prominently featured while highly anticipated heavy hitters such as Dead or Alive 6 and Devil May Cry 5 will also make an appearance. There will also surely be a number of oddities dotted around the show floor, and as illustrated above, we’re inexplicably excited for the release of more low-key games such as Digimon Survive and Team Sonic Racing.

TGS 2018 is the last huge show of the year, with Sony usually keeping a couple of tricks up its sleeve for the Japanese event. With it presenting the general public’s final opportunities to play a bunch of games before they make their way to retail in 2019, western games should be sure to keep it tuned to GameRevolution where we’ll be providing coverage of the event throughout.