Tell GR: What is the Most Underrated Console Ever?

There’s nothing more exciting than a new console release. First, there’s the announcement, with the manufacturer explaining how this piece of kit is set to take over your living room and change your life. Then there’s the pre-release hype, with new games being announced in an effort to convince you to lay down the cash. Then there’s the launch day when everyone finds out whether all that excitement was worth it, or if the new system will tank and cost its creators millions of dollars.

Some consoles perform poorly due to a poor line-up of games, underwhelming hardware, or a lack of marketing. There have been plenty of consoles that simply didn’t cut the mustard, with the likes of the Atari Jaguar and the Virtual Boy both struggling to find an audience due to quality issues. However, there have also been consoles that really deserved a better reception than they received, but struggled to resonate with their target audience.

I still have a tough time understanding why the GameCube didn’t perform better than it did. Like most Nintendo consoles, it suffered from a notable lack of third-party support, though it still has a vast library of classic games that hold up incredibly well to this day. Others would argue that the Dreamcast was drastically overlooked, with its library of fighting games proving to be transformative for the genre.

So what’s the most underrated console ever? Share your opinions in the comments section below, and we’ll feature our favorite comment.