Watch Pro Gamer Loserfruit React To Some Of 2018’s Craziest Food Fads

Game Revolution has teamed up with Papa Giuseppe’s Pizza to test drive some of 2018’s biggest food fads…

Quality snacks are important, especially when you’re a gamer. Your body needs fuel just as much as your PUBG pickup truck, and when you’re neck deep in your latest online op, you want to snack on something that’s quick, easy and de-freakin-licious.

Sadly, in the current age of Instagram, too often food that folks choose to shove down their gullets is valued more for how it looks with a sexy filter than how it actually tastes.

So we recruited pro gamer Kathleen AKA Loserfruit to take a bunch of 2018’s biggest food fads for a test drive, and see if they can win her over in the flavour department.

Watch her hilarious reactions to a deconstructed coffee, a unicorn toastie, vegan sausages and more in the video below…

Purchase the full range of Papa Giuseppi’s at your local Woolworths today.