The Goriest and Most Violent Games Ever

No game can really be called violent without a little bit of blood. Though a lot of titles these days do at least feature some internal body fluid, most don’t dare to turn things up to 11. Those that do make for some of the most over-the-top, overblown experiences one could have while enjoying the medium as we know it. The following list breaks down the goriest games and most violent games players can pop into their systems this Halloween. Be warned that this article will obviously be dripping in virtual blood. But you probably like that, don’t you?

Goriest Games – Manhunt

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It’s not too hard to believe that Rockstar Games, the publisher of such incredibly violent series as Red Dead and Grand Theft Auto, once distributed Manhunt and its sequel around the world. Tasked with killing nearly anyone and everyone as a means to survive, players have a wide range of torture mechanics available to them from the get-go. Options for murdering NPCs include slicing their heads open with axes, suffocating them with plastic bags, and cutting their stomachs with a chainsaw, wide enough to make all their intestines spill out.

Goriest Games – The Evil Within

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The Evil Within introduced itself to horror fans as a deep dive into some of the goriest worlds the medium has to offer. It lives up to this promise today, as evidenced in protagonist Sebastian’s brutal death sequences and the nightmare-inducing monsters that roam around the game’s hallways. The opening moments of the title alone have players try to escape from a giant pot of blood and viscera.

It helps that the game’s hero is just as capable of drawing blood from his enemies, all of which results in some of the reddest levels you’ll ever have the pleasure of walking through. And in case you were wondering, the sequel is just as noteworthy – at least when it comes to the gore.

Goriest Games – MadWorld

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Nintendo Wii exclusive Madworld is a gory game like no other. Set in a black and white universe, players have to shake, twirl and wave their Wiimotes as fast as they can against some of the strangest bosses Sega has ever invented. All the hard work pays off, as fans are able to see more and more red paint the landscape as they journey through Madworld‘s insanity. The game’s finishers are brutal but weirdly satisfying, too. Have you ever enjoyed seeing someone being eaten alive? You may after your first playthrough of this title.

Goriest Games – The Punisher

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Ever wanted to throw a dude in a wood chipper to see what would happen, or stick a flamethrower down someone’s mouth and pull the trigger? The Punisher may help you live out all of your twisted, sick fantasies. Based on the 2004 film of the same name, there are hardly any similarities to be found between the two properties, especially given the video game’s gory nature. THQ was forced to tame down the deaths a little before the title actually released. It’s not hard to see why.

Goriest Games – Mortal Kombat X

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The technical power of both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has made a lot possible in the realm of video game graphics. This can’t be more evident than in Mortal Kombat X, a title that has some of the most impressive murder animations the medium has seen so far. From grinding faces up to pulling a beating heart out of someone’s chest, there’s no shortage of gory yet innovative finishers to marvel at.

It makes one wonder how developer NetherRealm will top this entry in the inevitable sequel. We’ll just have to patiently wait and see. There’s plenty of blood and body parts to clean up in the meantime.

Goriest Games – Friday the 13th

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Eye gouging, skull crushes, head skewers, and arm mutilations are pretty commonplace in Friday the 13th. This multiplayer bonanza is rife with bloody death sequences that do Jason and his film legacy justice. Just as interesting to see is each victim’s pleas for life after having a sharp rod buried deep within their throat or having their faces burned off their heads in a fireplace. In this game, the gift of killing just keeps on giving.

Goriest Games – Postal 2

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It’s hard to believe that Postal 2 exists. From a mechanical standpoint, it’s not the most sophisticated piece of art that’s ever been created. It is, however, impressive in how far it pushes the envelope in allowing players to commit heinous crimes that are probably punishable by death in real life.

Options for murdering NPCs include cutting off all their limbs with a machete (thereby exposing the very bones that help them stand upright), lighting them on fire with gasoline and subsequently putting it out with your urine, and beating heads in with a shovel. The gaming world should be thankful that the Postal series hasn’t tried to top its violence since. Postal 2 is still referenced by anti-gaming activists to this day, after all.

Goriest Games – Shadow of Rome

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Back in the day, humans used to revel in real-life gladiatorial combat, the likes of which included frequent decapitations and being eaten alive by large creatures. If you ever wanted to experience this brutality hands-on, Shadow of Rome may be up your alley. Built with a dismemberment system in mind, the title allows players to rip opponent arms right off their bodies, then beat the living hell out of other enemies that come their way with them. Bonus points are given to gladiators who manage to fill the battlefield with tons of severed appendages. You’re welcome, gore enthusiasts.

No Halloween is ever complete without a little bit of blood. This holiday, any one of the games listed above could aid you in drowning out the trick-or-treaters right outside your window. If you’d like to scare them off for good, try aiming your television screen towards the front porch. A casual glance by a curious visitor will no doubt guarantee that they’ll never visit your house ever again. Whatever you decide to do, try not to spill any real blood this Halloween.