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When you start getting into multi-monitors, you begin losing desk space. This is a fact that anyone who has used more than one monitor with a PC has had to face. With my three monitors, I found that around a quarter of my desk was rendered unusable because of their stand footprints. Not only that, because they weren’t the same brand, getting them to align took putting books under their stands and other workarounds. Luckily, Echogear contacted me about reviewing their Triple Monitor Desk Mount which solved all these issues.

Echogear Triple Monitor Desk Mount Review – Design and Installation

Echogear Triple Monitor Mount

I live in an apartment, so mounting monitors to the wall is a big no-no. That unfortunately somewhat limits the range of products I can use for monitor mounting solutions. I had perused desk mounts a time or two on Amazon, but I always had my doubts. I wondered if they were really stable enough to entrust 3 $400+ monitors to, or if my desk could handle that kind of weight being centered on one relatively small clamp.

I continue to be amazed at just how well the Echogear Triple Monitor Desk Mount holds up my monitors. It’s a deceptively simple design. A clamp attaches a thick pipe to the rear of your desk, and a shallow C-shaped bracket fits over it. The bracket can be adjusted to whatever height you desire to mount your monitors, and you’re ready to do the mounting. That’s really it. The product comes mostly assembled, so it’s straightforward to set up with just one person.

This mount can hold up to 3 27-inch monitors, so there’s a lot of room here for a wide array of configurations. Right now I have 2 28-inch monitors attached and a 24-inch, and it works great. Mounting the monitors is simple, as long as they’re VESA-compatible. You just throw two of the included screws (with a spacer if necessary) in the top two holes of your monitor’s mounting point, and then gently hook it onto one of the three plates on the stand. After that, you just have to tighten down the first two screws and put the bottom two in, and you’re mounted.

Echogear Triple Monitor Desk Mount Review – Range of Adjustment

Echogear Triple Monitor Mount Back

Even though set up is simple, you have a lot of options to adjust the stand after your monitors are bolted on. Each mounting plate has dials you can turn to loosen the assembly, and from there you can slide the plates further left or right on the bracket to make room for larger monitors or move smaller monitors closer together. You can also swivel each monitor in a wide range up, down, or to the sides, or even turn it 90 degrees if your monitor supports vertical orientation.

The pole the bracket mounts to is 28-inches high, which allows for quite a range of height to be selected. You can bring the monitors down to where they’re sitting on your desk or to where they’re a foot or so above your head. Since one of my monitors came with a stand that was especially squat, I was thrilled not to have to put a book under it anymore to bring it up to the level of my other two. However, care should be taken with adjusting the height of the bracket after the monitors are installed. If you’re not careful, the weight of the monitors can cause the whole assembly to slip down rapidly. It’s still possible to move the assembly up and down, but it takes some muscle to do it properly. You’ll likely want someone to help you if you choose to change monitor height after installation.

Echogear Triple Monitor Desk Mount Review – Bottom Line

The Echogear Triple Monitor Mount is a robust, flexible product that anyone looking for an all-in-one solution should love. You can easily install it with just one person, and its wide range of adjustability makes it adaptable for a wide range of monitors. It’s an excellent product for standard-width monitors up to 27-inches and fit my needs perfectly.

However, if you have screens larger than 27-inches or ultrawide profile monitors, you’ll likely need to look elsewhere. Echogear has other products that may fit your needs in those situations, but with this design, you really need to stick with the specified monitor dimensions. At $169.99 MSRP (on sale for $129.99 at the time of writing) this is a pricey product. However, you get what you pay for with a solid, easy-to-install stand with a wide range of adjustments available.