Video game bosses that can be defeated in one hit

Video games can be hard sometimes. One of the most challenging aspects lie in bosses designed to test everything players have learned so far. Some of these enemies that infuriate fans to the point where they’ll throw their controllers across the room and perhaps break a vase or two. On the other hand, some are so easy to defeat that one could very well be blindfolded and still come out on top. The following are some video game bosses that can be defeated in one hit. Be warned that some spoilers may be found below.

Video game bosses that can be defeated in one hit – Fallout 3‘s President John Henry Eden

Video Game Bosses

In Fallout 3, players can occasionally hear President John Henry Eden address the Capital Wasteland over the radio. He speaks out against the hero faction in the game, the Brotherhood of Steel, and instead endorses the Enclave, an organization formed by the descendants of the federal government and some of the nation’s most powerful companies. When fans end up in Raven Rock as part of Fallout 3‘s main narrative, they learn that President Eden is an artificial intelligence made up of the personalities of some of the United States’ most celebrated leaders.

When given the option to take the poison that will basically kill off everyone that inhabits the Wasteland (aside from the Enclave), players can refuse the vial and choose to talk to Eden once more. If they have a Science rating of 60 or higher, they can press a button to convince the President into killing himself and destroying the entire Raven Rock facility. While this boss battle isn’t as visceral as what players are used to in most other video games, it is quite novel to experience.

Video game bosses that can be defeated in one hit – Metal Gear Solid 3‘s The End

Video Game Bosses

The End in Metal Gear Solid 3 is a highly skilled sniper that can put up quite a fight at a distance. His one disadvantage is that he’s over 100 years old, thus needs all the sleep he can get to keep living. In order to avoid fighting The End entirely, players can wipe him out earlier on as he’s wheeled outside to enjoy the breeze. With a simple sniper bullet to the head, fans that skip confronting the old man a few hours later.

If they miss this opportunity, users can also turn off their copy of the game and return to it a week later. They’ll find that The End has died of old age while waiting for their return. In a few certain cases, this boss is so easy to defeat that players don’t even need to fire a single shot.

Video game bosses that can be defeated in one hit – Punch-Out!!‘s Glass Joe

Video Game Bosses

It’s no secret that Punch-Out!! features some of the most difficult bosses in gaming. Luckily, the first opponent that players face is purposefully designed to raise their spirits before encountering tougher foes later on in the game. Boxers can mash the punch button a bunch of times to quickly defeat Glass Joe, or wait for him to deliver his signature Taunt Punch. When Joe comes in to land his attack, fans just need to press the punch button once to send the rookie flying to the back of the ring. Hey, he’s called Glass Joe for a reason.

Video game bosses that can be defeated in one hit – Super Mario Bros.‘ Bowser

Video Game Bosses

Bowser’s very first incarnation in Super Mario Bros. may be his easiest form to defeat. Though fans can pummel King Koopa with a volley of fireballs, they can also quickly hop around him to reach the golden ax on the other side. Obtaining this will erase the bridge that Bowser is standing on, sending him into the flaming depths below and allowing Mario to spend some time with the princess before she gets kidnapped again.

Video game bosses that can be defeated in one hit – Link’s Awakening‘s Dethl

Video Game Bosses

The sequence leading up to The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening‘s final enemy, Dethl, is no joke. Players must defeat reincarnated versions of every boss they’ve come across in the game so far, all within the tiny confines of the Wind Fish’s egg. Once they manage to topple all of the game’s foes again, the Nightmare’s true form, Dethl, will appear. It takes 16 arrows to the beast’s eye to defeat it, which is pain considering how each one of Dethl’s swings is lethal. Fortunately, Link can also toss his boomerang into the blob’s peeper, killing it in just one throw.

Video game bosses that can be defeated in one hit – Batman: Arkham Origins‘ Electrocutioner

Video Game Bosses

Batman’s battle with the Electrocutioner in Batman: Arkham Origins may be one of the funniest boss fights in gaming. After firing up his mitts, the scarred criminal gets an arena full of thugs to cheer for him. The huge audience applauds as the Electrocutioner threatens to kick the Dark Knight’s ass. Players simply need to stroll up to the man and press the attack button to kick him in the face and instantly knock him out. It turns out the villain is all bark and no bite.

Video game bosses that can be defeated in one hit – Pretty Much Every Boss in Titan Souls

Video Game Bosses

Titan Souls is a pretty unforgiving game. It consists entirely of bosses that can all defeat you in one hit if you’re not careful. Thankfully, players can defeat these enemies in one hit, too, though it’s not as simple as one might think. Finding each boss’ weak spot and patiently biding time until these points are exposed can be tricky, especially when one has to avoid spiky tentacles waving towards them or has projectiles racing behind them. Be warned that once a shot is fired, the arrow has to be retrieved. Titan Souls certainly isn’t for the faint of heart.

While there are plenty of games out there that feature bosses that can be defeated in just one hit, not all of them can be considered easy. As evidenced in Titan Souls, sometimes there’s a bit more strategy involved. Be it challenging or relatively simple, the bosses above are each worth battling not for their difficulty, but for the experiences they offer the player. And the easy ones are just a bonus.