Bernie Sanders video game lets you beat up Trump

A brand new Bernie Sanders video game has been released by a team of politically-minded game developers. Super Bernie World will let you travel across 11 states and use the power of Vermont Cheese to defeat President Trump and the Republicans in an epic 8-bit battle, and you can play it right now!

Super Bernie World was created by “Gamedevs for Bernie,” a team of five developers including two from Kitsune Games, two from Neon Deity games, and one solo developer. Gamers can play an 8-bit style Super Mario Bros. clone with some notable changes that make it a little… cheesy.

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That’s quite literal, by the by; Vermont Cheese is one the power-ups in this game highlighted on Reddit’s /r/Games, apparently analogous to the Super Star that grants Mario invincibility in the Super Mario Bros. franchise.

Players can enjoy 12 levels split between 4 worlds with 3 different power-ups and eight enemies that are based on real-world Republicans. For example, Koopa Troopas have a likeness to Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The big boss Bowser has, of course, been replaced with a stylized version of President Trump.

If a Bernie Sanders video game sounds like a good time to you, there’s good news, as not only can you play it now, but you can grab it completely for free! Check it out on Steam and You can see the Super Bernie World trailer below.