Twitch streamer Alinity’s cat ‘gets revenge’ after biting her on stream

Twitch streamer Alinity came under fire last year for throwing her cat live on stream, with many calling for her to be banned from the platform as a result. In a recent stream, the cat “got revenge” on her while she was broadcasting, biting her as she was broadcasting.

The bite was clipped by a viewer, who shared footage of the incident on Twitter. In the video, the cat leaps up to Alinity as she’s singing along to Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing,’ biting her on the arm:

In a separate video, the cat is then shown following Alinity around the room, continuing to attempt to attack her:

Alinity has had multiple run-ins with her pets in the past, with viewers having previously petitioned the site to issue her with a ban for her behavior. The most egregious example came after she filmed herself kissing her cat while her mouth was full of vodka. Despite viewer complaints, Alinity has remained on Twitch and still livestreams to her 1 million followers on the platform.