Twitch streamer Alinity caught throwing her cat during livestream

Several instances of Alinity appearing to be a bit rough with her pet cats have popped up overnight. Alinity is a Twitch streamer with nearly 900,000 followers and over 50 million video views — far from a small-time personality. She’s been a fixture on the site for some time now, but some of the treatment towards her cats has people worried.

The first instance that appears to have kicked off the cat scandal is from the evening of July 18. Alinity is in the middle of a game of Apex Legends and her cat appears to do something to her under the desk and out of view of the camera. She subsequently picks up her cat and tosses it overhead behind her.

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Another clip shows Alinity conducted more negative behavior towards her pets. Alinity is shown drinking clear liquid out of a vodka bottle. We can’t be sure if it’s vodka, but her reaction seems to indicate that it’s probably an alcoholic drink. She then says, “Vodka kiss!” and goes to kiss one of her cats; the cat moves in to lick her face and rapidly shakes its head afterward, presumably after tasting the vodka.

Believe it or not, it can actually be quite dangerous for cats (and dogs, mind) to drink alcohol. Getting drunk (and subsequently, getting alcohol poisoning) simply comes down to a matter of body weight vs. alcohol consumed. What may be a small sip to you could make your cat drunk at best and deathly ill at worst — it all comes down to the amount of alcohol consumed.

Other incidents have been brought up from over the years, but the cat toss and the “vodka kiss” seem to be the worst of them for now. Hopefully, she’ll be treating her pets with a little more care in the future.