Ninja asks Alinity if she has ‘another cat to abuse’ on Twitter

Twitter drama abounds today amongst some of the highest-profile streamers in the business. In a thread where Dr. Lupo refuted a claim made on r/LivestreamFail that he was being paid for charity streams, Jessica Blevins and xQc quarreled, with Ninja stepping in as well. In response to the row, Rod Breslau jokingly called for xQc and Ninja to 2v2 for charity, to which Alinity responded, “Oh this is an easy bet. Team ninja loses ez.” Ninja quickly clapped back at Alinity with the scathing, “Don’t you have another cat to abuse?”

If you’re not plugged into the streamer world, Alinity, a streamer on Twitch with over one million followers, has been under fire for her outrageous behavior on the platform. Most notably, she’s known for spitting vodka into her cats mouth and throwing it while on camera. She was also suspended in April of this year for accidentally revealing her breast during a stream, which Twitch saw as a violation of their terms of service. Many are upset that Alinity is getting what they believe is preferential treatment from Twitch, with the animal abuse issues being a major crux of the argument.

While Alinity has come under fire from multiple angles, Ninja’s comment shows that she’s also under scrutiny from her peers. The rest of the comment thread has even more to unpack. The feud between xQc and the Blevins is rough, and it’s a surprise that these high profile figures are making their dislike for each other so public.