The NEW of New Super Mario Bros

The New Super Mario Bros games get a lot of guff from series fans. In some ways, that makes sense. Each entry in the original franchise was wildly different, changing up its gameplay and visual style as time went on. The New games had some interesting ideas from game to game, but they kept the visuals and style of levels pretty much the same. Some might see that as stagnant, but games don’t need to rewrite the book to earn that New moniker.

Sure, Mario and friends look the same in each entry and those dancing turtles still sing along with the music. But there are still plenty of great additions to the Mario universe that got their start in the New Super Mario Bros. series. From a slew of new mushrooms to different types of enemies and even a new form of Bowser, we’ve gathered them all in an easily digestible image gallery.

Sometimes, you just want a traditional Mario game, and that’s what the New series provides. Besides what it adds to the series, these games also give Nintendo a chance to revisit things that came in the past. Thanks to their status as throwbacks, you can put the Koopalings and Boom Boom back in the spotlight without much trouble. This has led to a lot of once forgotten elements of the Mario games making a resurgence, even outside this franchise.

As for new games in the series, things are looking bleak. With Super Mario Odyssey also bringing back a lot of the old Mario elements, what made New Super Mario Bros novel is slowly eroding away. Still, Nintendo saw fit to re-release the Wii U iteration of the series on Switch, so we might see another in the future. Either way, it’s good to know that there’s a home for Mario platforming no matter what dimension he’s running in.