Every Jump Force villain explained

So, you want to jump into Jump Force, but you only recognize the dudes on the cover. You know the big three, but you don’t have time to sit through hundreds of episodes of plot in order to get to the big moments. Who are the villains that make these heroes sweat? Which dastardly tyrant do you want to take down in Bandai Namco’s newest fighting mashup? We lay out your choices with a whirlwind tour through every bad guy that you’ll be able to take control of this coming February. Here are the major players, Jump Force‘s villainous roster explained.

If you don’t see your favorite turncoat in this gallery, don’t fret! Jump Force will surely add a bevy of additional characters over the course of the year via DLC. Bandai Namco is already selling a season pass which will include nine new fighters before its finished. Several characters notable by their absence include Yugi’s counterparts Seto Kaiba and Maximillian Pegasus, later Yu Yu Hakusho baddie Senshui, and Kid Buu from Dragon Ball Z. In fact, the roster seemingly already more leans towards the heroes more than the villains, so it may be likely that we’ll be seeing more evil faces pop up as time goes on.

Either way, with Jump Force‘s time-hopping storyline, we’re sure to see some amazing interactions in the campaign. Will Frieza hatch a scheme with Cell as he’s done in past DBZ games, or try once again to go outside his universe? And what of Light, the antihero of Death Note that is seemingly masterminding the entire mashup? Does he have a villainous role to play, or is there another evil force he’s trying to take down? We’ll find out soon enough when Jump Force makes its debut on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on February 15.