Dragon Ball FighterZ Janemba leak hints at final season two character

Dragon Ball FighterZ players eagerly waiting to learn the identity of the game’s next DLC character may not have to wait much longer. A new leak points to movie villain Janemba as a playable DLC character from the game’s second season pass.

The leak comes from Nintendo’s UK eShop, which briefly put up a listing for Janemba as DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The listing was quickly taken down, but not before Siliconera was able to dig up some details.

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According to the now-deleted listing, and alongside Janemba as a playable character, the DLC also comes with the standard set of extras for new Dragon Ball FighterZ characters. This includes five alternate colors for players to choose from as well as a lobby avatar and Z Stamp for the character.

While the listing was pulled, Bandai Namco may officially reveal Janemba soon. Evo 2019 takes place this weekend, after all, and features Dragon Ball FighterZ as one of its games. With this in mind, the company could possibly make the reveal after the game’s finals on Saturday.

For those not caught up with the series, Janemba first appeared as the villain of the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. In that film, his strength forces protagonists Goku and Vegeta to fuse themselves into Gogeta to defeat the him. Bandai Namco already confirmed Gogeta as a DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ, so Janemba becoming playable does make some sense. This is on top of the fact that Bandai Namco has made Janemba playable in other Dragon Ball games as well.

When Janemba does get confirmed, he will be the final character to be revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s second season pass. The other three—Videl, Jiren, and Kid Goku—have already been released. With the final one of those three having been released back in May, fans are expecting Bandai Namco to release the remaining three characters Gogeta, Dragon Ball Super Broly, and possibly Janemba sometime soon.