The best games like Trials

RedLynx’s excellent motorcycle series is back with Trials Rising. It’s largely more of the same, as the developer learned the perils of mixing things up too much with the poorly received shooter spin-off Trials of the Blood Dragon, but sticking to a satisfying gameplay loop isn’t all that much of a bad thing.

However, if you’re looking for something else to play that will scratch a similar itch to Trials then we have you covered as there have been excellent titles that have both influenced RedLynx’s series and been inspired by it. With that in mind, here are the 10 of the best games that are like Trials.

The best games like Trials | OlliOlli

While far more trick and high score based, it’s still a challenge in of itself to finish the levels of Roll7’s excellent skateboarding games. Both OlliOlli and its sequel are worth checking out. The main difference is that there are no checkpoints, and there becomes a greater focus on comboing throughout the entire level in the sequel, but there’s a similar vibe of performing extreme sports antics through entirely ridiculous themed levels. From the Wild West to futuristic Tokyo, there is no shortage of cool locales to experience.

The best games like Trials | Kikstart

games like Trials

If you’re looking for the first predecessor to the Trials series, it most likely starts with Mr. Chip Software’s Kikstart series for the Commodore 64. These games tried to recreate the actual sport of motorcycle trials and did so pretty successfully. While they definitely feel aged compared to when they released in the late ’80s, they are still a fun history lesson that largely hold up when played today. So, if you aren’t against some retro gaming then give it a try as you will probably get a kick out of it.

The best games like Trials | Motocross Maniacs

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However, the first game to take motorcycle trials to an extreme was Konami’s Motocross Maniacs series. While the 2D Game Boy titles weren’t based around physics like Trials, they featured similar level design with a focus on clearing ridiculous jumps. The 1989 original set the basis for RedLynx to follow years later and the most recent release was Motocross Maniacs Advance (pictured above) in 2002. All three titles are fun, but the Game Boy original is the easiest to recommend if you want to see its innovations for yourself.

The best games like TrialsJoe Danger

Before Hello Games was making it possible to explore the cosmos in No Man’s Sky, it created the great side-scrolling daredevil series Joe Danger. It shares the basic framework of Trials, as players have to make their way through dangerous courses filled with all sorts of wacky obstacles. However, the levels have goals to complete and there are collectibles to gather along the way. It offers a familiar experience, but one that is definitely its own thing at the end of the day.

The best games like Trials | FutureGrind

best trials games

The most recent release to evoke the same satisfying grind of Trials‘ constant restarts and course mastery is FutureGrind. The independent release spent several years in development and the polish shows in the finished product. Not only does it manage to feel fresh thanks to its unique gameplay components (each wheel on your bike can only hit platforms of the same color), but it also features a surprising story that begins to reveal itself halfway through. It’s well worth your time, even if the highly difficult levels will have you repeatedly cursing at your television.

The best games like Trials | MotoHeroz

best trials games

Sadly due to the recent demise of WiiWare, MotoHeroz is only available on mobile. This platform-racing game was developed by RedLynx themselves and features a much more colorful and cartoonish world than Trials. It’s a great twist on the established formula and features some of the developer’s best level design. Due to its now limited availability, hopefully, it will get a high definition remaster by Ubisoft.

The best games like Trials | Action Henk

One of the most underrated titles released in the past few years, Action Henk is a great competitive twist on the obstacle course clearing genre. Whether you are racing against another character or just getting through a regular stage, the game’s great action figure motif is a joy to see in action. There’s a great sense of humor shown throughout, and it’s all paired with challenging gameplay that holds up its end of the stick.

The best games like Trials | Urban Trial Freestyle

For the longest time, Trials titles weren’t available on PlayStation consoles. The best knock-off to fill that void was Urban Trial Freestyle, and it is still the only type of game in that vein on the PlayStation Vita. While the level design never truly reaches the same high points, there are some enjoyable twists such as mid-level challenges and some cool action sequences that feature plenty of big explosions and mayhem going on around the player as they ride by.

The best games like Trials | Doritos Crash Course

In one of the weirdest bits of advergaming ever, the Doritos sponsored Crash Course is actually an enjoyable experience. Players make their way through Sasuke-style obstacle courses filled with hazards. With constant checkpoints and a high level of difficulty, it winds up resembling Trials more than you would initially expect. Simply getting past some of the more difficult sections elicits a ton of joy, which is more than an actual bag of Doritos can attest to.

The best games like Trials | Motorbike

best games like trials

So this probably doesn’t deserve to be on a “best games” list, but Motorbike crosses into “so bad it’s good” territory. This awful rip-off of Trials that was released on PlayStation 3 in 2011. Featuring broken physics and none of the satisfying difficulty of what it was trying to imitate, it’s just a wonderful disaster. Because of that, it will only appeal to a select audience. To quote Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann during its infamous Quick Look of the game, “Motorbike is real stupid. You should buy it if you like dumb shit.”