No Man’s Sky Visions Update Leaked

A new No Man’s Sky update has leaked online today. No Man’s Sky Visions is the latest update to Hello Games‘ space exploration game, and it adds a significant amount of new content to the game. Links to an unlisted trailer for the update found their way onto several internet forums earlier today.

The No Man’s Sky‘s Visions update is similar in scope to The Abyss update from late October, but smaller than the gargantuan NEXT update from July. Visions adds an improved color palette, procedural crashed freighters, alien artifact collecting, archaeology, and more. Visions is also promising to expand on flora and fauna, five times the amount of planetary biomes, and adding new weather effects that unveil precious materials.

Update 1.75, Visions, brings new base parts, buildable fireworks, and visual enhancements. However, more changes are expected to come in the final version. A link to the trailer was posted on the game’s subreddit, Resetera, and other forums earlier today. The trailer can be viewed on Hello Games’ YouTube channel, or below.

No Man’s Sky has had a challenging post-launch life. The game was harshly received by fans after its 2016 release, and developer Hello Games seemed to go radio silent. The team, lead by Sean Murray, released a game that was different than what it had originally pitched. No Man’s Sky sold immensely well at launch, but was marred by technical issues on PC and an angry customer-base. Hello Games took the criticisms and began working to fix the game.

The team has added base building, surface vehicles, fleet command, third-person view, multiplayer, and more to No Man’s Sky since its launch. No Man’s Sky also launched on the Xbox One with the NEXT update in July 2018. Alongside the new additions has been a constant stream of tweaks and updates to planet generation, biomes, alien life, storylines, and new building components. The Abyss from October added a variety of new aquatic environments, creatures, plants, and visuals to the game. Hello Games seems to have righted the ship, and fans are positive about the game once again. No Man’s Sky Visions looks like it could yet another good step for the title.