No Man's Sky The Abyss

No Man’s Sky The Abyss Launches With New Trailer

No Man’s Sky The Abyss is now available on all platforms for the grand total of… free. This new update will bring new content to the underwater sections of the game. Also included are bases under the sea, submarines, and many other additions. With it comes a new trailer, detailing all the changes coming to the Hello Games title.

Firstly, players will now be able to construct underwater bases. According to the official post about the version 1.7 update, there will be over a dozen new base parts for underwater constructions. Hello Games boasts that these new aquatic environments will have “over 5 times more variety” and that underwater visuals are greatly improved.

Marine animals are now more abundant with this update since they will appear more frequently and inhabit the full ocean floor. “Unique terrifying creatures” will also be found via this new patch on the sea floor. Risking your life through these monstrous seas will now be more worthwhile as No Man’s Sky The Abyss will add more resources to be found through underwater exploration. The update will also add new story missions where players will investigate a sunken freighter. Submerged buildings and wrecks will also be added into the game, ready and waiting to be plundered for loot.

Cosmetics will also be slightly updated with a diving helmet being added to the various wearable options available. Since exploring the seas is so key to this update, Hello Games has improved how players can navigate underwater. The first way the developers have done this is by adding a Submarine into No Man’s Sky. This vehicle will be fully customizable through equipping Submarine Technology. Non-vehicular traversal under the seas has also been changed with this update. The jetpack can now be used underwater, players can “swim more easily on the water surface,” and swimming overall has been improved. You can watch the trailer for the update below:

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