No Man’s Sky NEXT Update Trailer Reveals Huge Expansion

Players should be ecstatic to learn that a long-awaited feature will be arriving in No Man’s Sky next week. Hello Games will finally add full online multiplayer to its game, almost two years after it originally released in August 2016. The No Man’s Sky NEXT update will be the game’s biggest update yet. It is slated to launch on July 24, 2018, alongside the Xbox One version of No Man’s Sky.

Hello Games released a new trailer for No Man’s Sky NEXT earlier today, giving players a glimpse of the gameplay they’ve expected to receive since day one. It looks absolutely glorious, featuring a bunch of explorers in a lake, before then going on land where all of them board their own ships to further explore the rest of the planet. The ship then heads to outer space to discover an entire fleet of ships coming out of hyperspace directly in front of it. Yes, it looks as epic as it sounds.

No further details or information have been revealed at the time of writing. However, Hello Games founder Sean Murray did confirm earlier in May that players can either play with a bunch of their friends, off to explore the fringes of the galaxy together, or come across random strangers and other travelers throughout the vast unknown. Murray even compares the full online multiplayer experience to iconic science fiction TV series Battlestar Galactica.

Although the developer failed to fulfill its promise of online multiplayer at launch, it’s better late than never. With the release of the Xbox One version, this massive update could maybe turn the game into the hit it was supposed to be all along. Additionally, No Man’s Sky will run at 4K 60FPS on the Xbox One X. The No Man’s Sky NEXT update will be free to all existing owners of the game on the PS4, PC and Xbox One (when it releases).