Trials Rising expansion pass and post-launch content outlined by Ubisoft

Ubisoft has revealed plans for the post-release updates, content, and an expansion pass for Trials Rising. It releases on February 26 and its breadth of post-launch content will bring free and paid content to players.

Ubisoft Kiev and RedLynx released a new video detailing Trials Rising‘s post-launch content. For starters, the Trials Rising expansion pass is a $15 addition onto the base game’s $24.99 price and is being sold as Trials Rising Gold Edition. The expansion pass is not currently available separately, but will presumably become purchasable as an upgrade later on.

Two major expansions will come to that pass, the first being Trials Rising Sixty Six which is set along U.S. Route 66. New tracks, contracts, and a range of cosmetics come in that expansion. The second expansion, Crash and Sunburn, ranges from “jungle-covered mountains of Peru” to Antarctica. New challenges, two new bikes, and a host of explorer-themed cosmetics will also come with the pack.

The samurai and stuntman item packs are also coming to the expansion pass. Each pack brings new customization options, with the second also bringing a new bike. Ubisoft also has plans for post-launch events, and themed seasons of play for all Trials Rising owners. All told, the paid expansion content will bring over 50 additional tracks to the game.

Trials Rising brings back the series’ powerful track editor tool. The tool will have thousands of items available to users, allowing them to create wild and ingenious tracks for the community.

Ubisoft is giving away two small customization packs as a pre-order incentive. The Jungle Rider and Wild West Rider packs each include five cosmetic pieces for racers and an item for bikes.

Nothing was said about the Tandem Bike mode, which is one of the few new additions to Rising. The mode puts two players on a single bike, with each controlling a part of the bike. Otherwise, Trials Rising looks to be more of the same.