Welcome to the Frontier | The Legends of Apex Legends

When Respawn Entertainment releases a shooter, you pay attention. When it releases a surprise battle royale game weeks before a huge February of releases, you sit up and take notice. This is Apex Legends, a free-to-play contender to Fortnite‘s crown. Set in the Titanfall universe, Apex Legends takes place after the Frontier Wars that saw the IMC invest so heavily in those giant mechs. Now, you’ve got to use the guns lying around to battle in the Apex Games. Who are the competitors? Glad you asked. Here are the eight starting legends you can choose from when you play Apex Legends.

It’s worth noting that two of the legends (Mirage and Caustic) aren’t available for free with the base game. Characters run a little over $10 in “Apex Coins.” Alternatively, you can purchase them with an in-game currency that you rack up at a reasonable rate. The six remaining free legends all have a good variety of abilities that should suit your playstyle while you earn the other fighters.

As for additional legends, EA has already announced a Battle Pass-style system for Apex Legends. Between that and the Overwatch cosmetic loot you can earn whenever you level up, there’s plenty to keep you diving onto the battlefield.

For those who’d rather be piloting titans than earning chicken dinners, don’t fret. EA has promised that an additional premium Titanfall experience would be part of their 2019 lineup. The publisher didn’t say what it would be and promised it would be a “twist” on the franchise, but it’s at least good to know that there is life in this cult-adjacent franchise. For those intrigued by Apex Legends but new to Titanfall, the Titanfall 2 story campaign comes highly recommended. See why everyone was initially bummed that BT and the rest of his robot pals aren’t in Apex Legends. At least, they’re not in it for now…