Xbox Games With Gold and PS Plus predictions for April 2019

With PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 titles no longer a part its catalog, Sony’s PS Plus needs to deliver exciting PlayStation 4 games every month if it hopes to maintain healthy subscription numbers. The same goes for Microsoft’s Games with Gold, as Crackdown 3‘s middling to negative reception has undoubtedly soured the company’s image, at least from a software perspective. Each service has something to prove in 2019, especially with new consoles on the horizon. The following are some free titles that Sony and Microsoft may be willing to include in April 2019 if each company hopes to preserve their respective player bases and ensure the success of their future machines.

April Games with Gold and PS Plus predictions | The big ones

PS Plus

Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break released three years on April 5, 2016, making next month the perfect time to include it in Microsoft’s Games with Gold. This narrative-driven third-person shooter experience has players manipulate time in an effort to prevent doomsday from happening. Interactive storytelling elements are enhanced through live-action segments that give off the impression of a television series.

Including Quantum Break on Microsoft’s catalog this April would make sense given the imminent release of Remedy’s Control. Of course, other Xbox One console exclusive titles could show up, like Gears of War 4 and Halo 5. However, it’s more probable that these will be featured in Games with Gold when a sequel for each franchise is closer on the horizon.

Speaking of sequels, racing title Dirt Rally 2 just released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Developer Codemasters may be willing to offer the first title, Dirt Rally, on Microsoft or Sony’s respective services as a way of attracting more attention to the follow-up (and hopefully increase initial sales). The game is fairly accessible by those who don’t play the genre often, making it a great title to include on Games with Gold or PS Plus.

PaRappa the Rapper Remastered may be included in Sony’s PS Plus offerings next month given the title’s second anniversary (it was released on PlayStation 4 on April 4, 2017). It’ll be nice to feature given its silly but fun rap-based gameplay. Parents could introduce their kids to one of the gaming mascots they grew up with and in turn, children can beat their parents at yet another title they thought they were good at. Of course, other PlayStation exclusives that haven’t been included on the service’s North American lineup, like Gravity Rush Remastered, Gravity Rush 2Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, and Knack 2, are welcome to join as well.

April Games with Gold and PS Plus predictions | The indies

PS Plus

Housemarque’s Alienation may be featured in next month’s PS Plus catalog, given how the game released three years ago on April 26, 2016. This addictive isometric twin-stick shooter is best enjoyed in a group of four friends, as each teammate can help one another survive a gauntlet of increasingly difficult levels. Though Alienation‘s invasions are challenging, players can find powerful weapons to use in the midst of battle. The fact that the game was included in Europe’s PS Plus lineup back in May 2017 gives a good indication that it may be North America’s turn to receive it soon.

Dodge Roll’s Enter the Gungeon may be included on either service, as it released on PlayStation 4 on April 5, 2016 and on Xbox One one year later on April 5, 2017. This fast-paced bullet hell roguelike encourages teamwork and cooperation, making it a great title to play with a buddy. It’s also a blast to play solo, as there’s no telling what enemies will come flying out at players on any given floor or which shiny weapons lie waiting in unopened chests.

Last but not least, Yooka-Laylee has a shot at being on Games with Gold or PS Plus this April, as it launched two years ago on April 11, 2017. This successful Kickstarter game is a throwback to the 3D platformers of yesteryear and is probably best played by nostalgic adults (though children can enjoy it too, of course). The title includes cooperative and competitive modes for those looking to have friends join in on the platforming craze.

Whatever games Sony and Microsoft decide to feature in their services next month, here’s hoping these offerings are some of the best yet. The recent appearances of Battlefield 1, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, Celeste, and more prove that each company is willing to listen to its consumers and deliver on some of the generation’s most celebrated titles. Of course, it’ll be our jobs as consumers to let them know whether or not we’re satisfied.

With competition growing by the day and lines beginning to blur, interacting with one’s community is key to success in this medium. Sony and Microsoft must know this better than anyone else if they hope to succeed for years to come. It’ll be interesting to see what they have in store for fans next.