Everything you need to know about Anthem’s Javelins

With the general launch of Anthem upon us, prospective Freelancers might still be trying to choose between each of its four unique character classes. Called Javelins, these mechanized suits act as your power armor as you fly through the primal world and take on those who would stand against you. Will you choose the run and gun soldier? The floating glass cannon? The powerhouse missile launcher? The speedy melee warrior? We took each Javelin for a test drive and came back with all the facts. Here’s everything you need to know about Anthem‘s Javelins.

Of course, Freelancers aren’t limited to just one Javelin throughout their adventure. As you reach certain levels, you can pick another suit to fill out your home base. By the endgame, you’ll be swapping as much as you want, but the playstyles are pretty distinct enough. You’ll probably still have a favorite unless you’re hardcore enough to level up all four. If all goes well, BioWare plans on adding plenty of content in the future. With new missions and story content to go through, it looks like BioWare is trying its hardest to make sure players don’t get bored.

As for the future, it will be interesting to see what BioWare has planned. Early players have reported a real lack of cosmetic options in the loot, which is something that might be fixed in future expansions. The developers can also add new abilities to each existing Javelin, as the existing systems definitely seem to support more options. Going further ahead, they might see fit to add a new class of robot suit altogether. If that ends up a possibility, will we see it as part of the free updates? Or perhaps as the cornerstone of a paid expansion? Whatever ends up happening, we know they’ll be plenty of reasons to jet through Anthem‘s gorgeous landscapes in the months ahead.