Anthem Next will reportedly live or die this week

Anthem stumbled so hard out of the gate during its early 2019 release that BioWare promised to essentially relaunch the game through its overhaul dubbed Anthem Next. And while official updates have been few and far between — which is what the team said would happen — an unofficial report has claimed that Electronic Arts will be performing an audit on the relaunch this week and deciding if the Freelancers will take to the sky again.

Is Anthem Next canceled?

Anthem patch notes update 1.7.0

According to a report by Jason Schreier (who previously broke that BioWare was revamping the game) at Bloomberg, three different sources confirmed that EA will hold a meeting this week to “determine whether it will continue trying to create a new version” of Anthem. This meeting will decide whether or not the game dies or whether the team of around 30 people will be expanded. These sources also indicated that they will need around 90 people to meaningfully improve the live service title and add in new content.

Neither EA nor BioWare commented on the report. However, it is yet another big moment for the studio that has seen its share of turbulence over the years. Mass Effect Andromeda was a big stain on the previously coveted series and disappointed fans and critics alike. Multiple big names have left the studio since. And, of course, there was Anthem.

After teasing it for years and showing next to nothing, BioWare showed a glimpse of the next Dragon Age once again at the 2020 Game Awards as well as the next Mass Effect, which is in pre-production. Little is known about either and fans are likely at least a little skeptical, given the minimal details and previous installments.

But the slightly changed Mass Effect Legendary Edition is coming in May 2021, which will hopefully remind people why they liked BioWare in the first place. Anthem Next could also be yet another chance to remind those people of the studio’s glory days, but EA will determine whether or not people will even get to have that chance or not.