5 dead games Nintendo should revive along with Scalebound

Rumors are swirling about Nintendo reviving a long-dead, definitely canceled game from the grave, and some insiders are pointing squarely at Scalebound. It seems absurd that Microsoft and Platinum’s much anticipated, and famously canned action game would resurface as a Nintendo exclusive, but with other rumors pointing towards the Xbox Game Pass coming to Switch, heck, absolutely anything is possible. And it’s with that mindset I’m wondering, what other games could Nintendo be reviving if it’s not Scalebound?

Now that a potential Microsoft collaboration or deal is on the cards and Nintendo have strong ties with many publishers and developers around the world, it seems like they could take on any franchise as long as they strike deals with the correct parties. Few publishers have the influence that Nintendo does, and if any company really, truly wanted to take an old IP — regardless of who it currently belongs to — and make a fresh game, it would be Nintendo. Here’s a quick list of games that Nintendo should revive.

Games Nintendo should revive | Chibi-Robo

chibi robo

You would be forgiven for thinking that Chibi-Robo is not dead. He is definitely dead. Sure, he’s had games released on the 3DS, but he’s long since dead, and anyone who played the original Chibi-Robo game back on the Gamecube will tell you as much.

This is an easy one. Nintendo already owns the IP and could do whatever it wants to the robot. All Nintendo really need to do is make a game with the same vision as the original: playing as a tiny robot, climbing through a massive house like it’s an open world valley. Think Toy Story meets Breath of the Wild.

We don’t need any rubbish 2D platforming nonsense anymore. We need Chibi-Robo back to doing what he does best.

Games Nintendo should revive | F-Zero


Here’s another easy one. The last entry came out in 2004, which is, scientifically speaking, a long time ago. While Nintendo has Mario Kart and all of its colorful, accessible glory, there’s room for a racing game that skews just a bit older.

Rumors have even been swirling for quite some time around a new F-Zero game from Platinum Games. However, while Platinum is a studio used to multitasking, it is currently working on Astral Chain and Bayonetta 3. Here’s hoping that F-Zero is also in the pipeline be it at Platinum or somewhere else.

Games Nintendo should revive | Raven Blade

raven blade

Remember Raven Blade? Back in the early 2000s, Retro Studios was working on two games: one of them a 3D reimagining of the Metroid franchise, and another was an action RPG. Of course, one became Metroid Prime, and the other, Raven Blade, was entirely lost to time.

It was completely canceled so Retro Studios could focus on Metroid Prime, but the fragments of footage that are online are intriguing. Big dragons, a fantasy world, wars between races, and an ancient armored hero who could wield magic. Generic? Sure. Does it have potential? Absolutely.

Retro Studios employees have actually said that the code to the game is long since lost, but imagine the potential it would have if it was reimagined now, after all these years. It could put Duke Nukem Forever and maybe even The Last Guardian to shame. But Nintendo might have its work cut out since Retro claimed that it sucked.

Games Nintendo should revive | Banjo-Threeie

banjo-kazooie nuts & bolts

If you were a Banjo-Kazooie fan, your heart probably leapt from your chest when you finished Banjo-Tooie, and the character jovially teased Banjo-Threeie. Weird naming conventions aside, a duo of excellent 3D platformers and a promise for the gameplay to continue on into the next generation with the GameCube was exciting. Well, Microsoft purchasing Rare put an end to that.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts n Bolts wasn’t a bad game, but it’s just not the sequel most fans wanted. Instead of being a 3D platformer it was a game where you built and drove vehicles. Madness.

So if Nintendo is going to be doing deals with Microsoft, can we see a proper Banjo-Threeie? No, Yooka-Laylee doesn’t count. The bear and bird are way better than that.

Games Nintendo should revive | Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3 Release Date

People keep saying that this game isn’t canceled anymore and it’s actually being developed. But that is hard to believe. Shenmue 3 seems both too good to be true, and absurdly impossible. Even after a massive  — and questionable — Kickstarter campaign, it’s hard not to be in a state of disbelief.

The fact is, it’s been too long and it’s hard to even know what Shenmue 3 is supposed to be anymore. There’s some screenshots of a pond with some fish, a girl, and some awkward looking characters, which sure is a thing. It’ll only be belivable once it is playable. But, until then, please revive Shenmue 3 Nintendo, you’re our only hope!