Scalebound rumored to be resurrected by PlatinumGames as a Switch exclusive

According to a wild new rumor the canceled Xbox One exclusive Scalebound is being brought back to life for the Nintendo Switch. PlatinumGames’ publishing deal with Microsoft collapsed under a myriad of circumstances back in 2017 and with it, the still in development Scalebound was scrapped but if this rumor is to be believed the game looks set to get a second chance thanks to Nintendo.
According to a rumor obtained by gaming news site Nintendo Insider, the long thought dead Scalebound has been resurrected by PlatinumGames and is currently back in development for the Nintendo Switch exclusively. Nintendo Insider states that it is confident in its sources, though the exact details of the rumored Switch release remain elusive. Given that the Nintendo hardware isn’t as powerful as the Xbox One console it is to be expected that the game will be scaled back in scope or graphical intensity to better fit on the handheld device.
The rumor has been given some more credibility in part due to a recent conversation held on gaming Youtube channel Kinda Funny Games. Game Informer’s senior editor Imran Khan hinted at the existence of a game which was long thought to be dead now being brought back for the Nintendo Switch. Khan did not confirm anything more than that however the timing of the comment is telling.
Nintendo and PlatinumGames have a long-standing, positive working relationship which has seen several of the developer’s major releases come to Nintendo hardware exclusively. Most notably, this rumored Scalebound revival wouldn’t even be the first time Nintendo has stepped in to save a failing PlatinumGames IP. The Bayonetta series received a similar treatment when Nintendo announced that it would be partially funding and publishing the game’s sequels after a disappointing sales reception to the first game.
Just last week during the Nintendo Direct presentation, PlatinumGames announced a new Switch exclusive Astral Chain, an action title set for release on August 30, 2019.