Anthem E3 2017 vs Launch | Here are the big differences

With Anthem now having launched, gamers everywhere now have the chance to check out the title’s fantastic graphics, powered by the Frostbite engine. There’s no doubting that it’s a good-looking game, but how does it actually compare to the “in-engine” footage we were shown back in E3 2017.

To get a good idea of how Anthem E3 2017 compares to the launch build of the game, I sat down to rewatch the trailer and give my thoughts via GR’s Twitch channel.

After over 40 hours of gameplay, which I endured to review the game properly, I was very interested to look back and compare what was advertised against what we ultimately received.

Check out the video comparison below, or scroll further down for the complete list of Anthem E3 2017 vs launch differences.

Anthem E3 2017 versus launch differences with timestamps:

0:02 – Fort Tarsis looks a little different…

0:35 – People interacting with one another in Fort Tarsis

0:49 – A wild strider appears

1:32 – The character Praxley

2:52 – It’s Haluk!

3:20 – Hell or High Water mission?

3:44 – “Ally of the Week”

3:55 – Level 43 player (Launch level cap is 30)

4:58 – You actually see the player’s face

7:00 – Icons showing events/missions

7:40 – Awesome floating island

8:18 – More mission icons in the world

8:29 – No overheating mechanic

8:38 – Animals running through in more epic fashion

9:15 – Looks incredible, beyond what we have at launch

9:36 – Enemy interaction

10:11 – “New location discovered” and XP

10:35 – Enemy bullet trails in water

11:09 – No damage numbers

11:29 – Shared chest rewards

11:55 – Combat and traversal through water is a lot less impressive

12:25 – Epic strider fall, with trees falling

13:05 – Scars interacting with the strider parts

13:43 – Immediately see what item dropped and then equip it

15:55 – Chaos that you just don’t see in the launch build

16:55 – Stampede!

18:45 – Cataclysms not yet available

Bonus: Personalization Livestream versus launch build with timestamps:

22:10 – More materials than in-game at launch

23:08 – Significantly more vinyls available

24:08 – Enormous armor set variety

29:02 – Huge number of different emotes