10 abandoned Pokemon that need support in Sword and Shield

As of the debut of Melmetal, there are now 809 distinct Pocket Monsters. This doesn’t alternate forms, Mega Evolutions or other weird side ventures into the Pokedex. Needless to say, with a roster that big, some Pokemon will get the short end of the stick. On the dawn of a new generation with Pokemon Sword and Shield, we felt the need to look back at some of the monsters that deserve a little more love. This could come in the form of a new evolution, new signature moves or another slight tweak. Whatever the case, these 10 abandoned Pokemon need more support.

The fourth Generation of Pokemon might be one of the best ones. Its roster of new creatures split pretty evenly between new monsters and new evolutions for old favorites. Sure, some of them didn’t work out, but it showed a willingness to keep the roster fresh. That’s way better than just adding in more clones. Do we really need another rock trio? Another pair of rats? Around 10 more distinct fish types that no one cares about because who wants to pick up the fishing rod? Additions like Electivire and Blissey make your old Pokemon new again. They also promote the inter-game connectivity that’s so key to this franchise.

We’d love to see Pokemon Sword and Shield (or really any future release) take advantage of the series’ long history. Sun and Moon was a fun side story, but we need more than that. Maybe the jump to the Switch will bring some new features, but the initial presentation makes it seem like more of the same for the new console’s first outing. With the Let’s Go games providing a great starting point for younger trainers, how much longer will it be before the mainline games cater to an older audience? Maybe we’ll see what the demographics of that Dectective Pikachu movie end up being and circle back. Until then, we’re off to exercise with our PokeWalkers.