Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Most Popular Pokemon Poll

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Most Popular Pokemon Revealed via Poll

As with any new entry into the series, Pokemon Scarlet and Violets latest generation of collectible critters has forced fans to vote for their favorite to figure out which among them is the most popular in the Paldea Pokedex.

An online poll run by GameWith helped fans come to terms with who among the 400 included in Gen 9 would take the top spot. 177,829 Pokefans took part over a week’s voting period from December 16 to 23, helping reveal the top 30 Pokemon.

The winner of the vote, with a staggering 1,600 vote lead over 2nd place’s Clodsire, was none other than Tinkaton, the Fairy/Steel type that won hearts with its cute design, fearsome hammer, and very viable Tera Raiding typing and moveset.

Also making it into the top 3 was the evidently most popular starter evolution Meowscarada. GameWith also shared the full top 30 list, which saw fire starter Fuecoco just behind in 4th place and box legendaries Koraidon and Miraidon making the top 20 too.

Of course, these are all subjective, so fans should take any sore losses of their own favorites with a pinch of salt! In other news, Hideo Kojima’s new game will use Microsoft’s cloud technology and High on Life could receive a 7 times sales boost from Xbox Game Pass. Be sure to check out our PC Game of the Year winner too.

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