The best Devil May Cry weapons | From Rebellion to Yamato

Devil Arms, swords, guns, and more make up the vicious arsenal that players have access to in every Devil May Cry entry. Though some are more powerful than others, they’re all worthy enough to be part of Dante, Vergil, or Nero’s toy set, helping each character spill demon blood wherever he may be. It’s no surprise that fans have obsessed over weapons like Sparda and Rebellion throughout the years, as armaments like these are the stuff that wannabe monster slayers dream of. The following are some of best Devil May Cry weapons featured in the franchise so far. Perhaps these designs will come in handy whenever hell really does arrive on Earth.

Best Devil May Cry weapons | Ebony and Ivory

Devil May Cry weapons

No Devil May Cry game would be complete without an appearance by Dante’s iconic semi-automatic pistols, Ebony and Ivory. While their damage output may not be high, each possesses a high rate of fire that’s perfect for extending combos and keeping enemies in midair. Ivory, the right-handed white gun, was designed for fast draw times, and Ebony, the left-handed black gun, was designed for long-distance targeting. Together, the two firearms occupy a special place in Dante’s heart, as they were given to him by his friend Nell Goldstein before she died.

Best Devil May Cry weapons | Rebellion

Devil May Cry weapons

Dante’s trademark blade, Rebellion, appears everywhere the demon slayer goes. This massive, double-edged sword features a human skull on one side and a demon skull on the other, symbolizing its wielder’s origins while properly conveying the weapon’s menacing power. It’s appropriate that Dante keeps Rebellion with him at all times, as it was given to him by his father, Sparda. The blade is also responsible for awakening Dante’s demon abilities and grants him the Devil Trigger in Devil May Cry 3, making it an important keepsake to have around in case all hell breaks loose.

Best Devil May Cry weapons | Pandora

Devil May Cry weapons

Pandora is an incredibly versatile weapon. Thanks to its Disaster Gauge, which can manipulate power, damage, and quality of ammo at will, the briefcase can transform into 666 different armaments. Though Dante and Trish only have access to seven, each one has cataclysmic potential. The Epidemic function can shoot rockets, Jealously can fire charged shots, and Omen shines a bright light that wipes out enemies in one hit. Hopefully Dante and Trish stashed Pandora away someplace safe, as it would be interesting to discover more of its strength in subsequent entries.

Best Devil May Cry weapons | Sparda

Devil May Cry weapons

Alongside Rebellion, Sparda is one of Dante’s most cherished possessions. Once wielded by his father, the demon-forged sword is a source of contention in both Devil May Cry 3 and its sequel, as the villains of each title seek to harness the blade’s god-like power for their own unscrupulous motives. It’s easy to see what makes Sparda such a sought-after weapon, as it has a ridiculously long reach and can inflict massive amounts of damage without activating the Devil Trigger state. It’s perfect for chaining long combos, as if Dante’s father knew his son was destined to execute demons in style.

Best Devil May Cry weapons | Yamato

Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry weapons

Dante’s brother, Vergil, also holds a keepsake from his father. Yamato is similar to Rebellion and Sparda in that it’s immensely powerful. Despite its resemblance to a normal katana, the blade is able to cut through anything, even the fabric of space itself. As one can imagine, this makes Vergil a formidable opponent when players reach Devil May Cry 3‘s climax. It makes sense seeing as how the weapon was once used to seal the gates of hell. Vergil’s ability to create distortions in space with Yamato should make fans glad that the character doesn’t reappear as a boss in Devil May Cry 4.

Best Devil May Cry weapons | Devil Bringer

Devil May Cry weapons

Vergil’s son, Nero, stores his demonic power in a vessel called the Devil Bringer. As badass as it may look, Nero tries to hide it away from people so he doesn’t appear to be a monster. While it’s not practical for everyday use, Devil Bringer possesses superhuman strength and can morph into a spectral arm during combat. The appendage can also absorb the magic of items like Yamato and the Aegis Shield, granting Nero new abilities during his journey to bring down the Order of the Sword. He realizes the Devil Bringer’s potential as a tool to fight evil by the time Devil May Cry 4 is over, though unfortunately he loses the weapon to an unknown assailant during Devil May Cry 5.

Best Devil May Cry weapons | Red Queen

Devil May Cry weapons

Instead of using magical Devil Arms like his father and uncle, Nero opts to carry a man-made sword called the Red Queen. Its appearance resembles the blades that the Order of the Sword use in Devil May Cry 4, but its customized construction renders it far more devastating than any ordinary weapon. The Red Queen’s most distinguishing feature is its motorcycle-like gear shift. When pulled, the mechanism sprays a flammable propellant across the blade and opponent, allowing Nero to launch three deadly blows in quick succession. It’s hard to imagine anyone else in the series wielding the Red Queen, as its flashy style melds well with Nero’s Devil Bringer and Devil Breaker abilities.

Spraying bullets with Ebony and Ivory and slicing foes with Sparda are two sensations that never seem to get old. This frantic combination of shooting at a distance and dicing up enemies up close is something that Devil May Cry has prided itself on for close to two decades. While it may not sound like the best combination on paper, Capcom has managed to seamlessly meld the two mechanics together to produce a series of games that are fun and satisfying to play.

Perhaps the property’s biggest accomplishment is how slick and stylish everything looks in motion, as if guns and swords were two companions destined to met each other on the digital battlefield. Devil May Cry 5 may stay in line with this tradition when it launches on March 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Thankfully a lot of familiar weapons will be returning, and each looks hungry for more demon blood.