Devil May Cry fans cause Dante to trend following disappointing Smash Ultimate Mii reveal

Disgruntled Devil May Cry fans are currently taking to Twitter in force over the disappointing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character reveal. Rather than joining the roster as a dedicated member, series protagonist Dante is a (Swordfighter) Mii Fighter Costume. Many fans see this as a disservice to the beloved action game originator, and they aren’t afraid to voice that. On the plus side, the DMC x Smash Bros. Dante Mii skin is very inexpensive.

How to unlock Dante in Smash Ultimate

how to get Dante in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

To unlock the Dante Mii Fighter Costume in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, players must purchase the DLC skin for $0.75 on Nintendo Switch. The Smash x Devil May Cry Dante skin release date is June 29, 2021.

Although the Dante outfit will barely set players back, this hasn’t done much to abate angry DMC fans. There’s some major disappointment online, though, unfortunately, Mii skin relegation is a fate that’s already befallen many different fandoms. But hey, at least there are some amusing memes that help to take the edge off!

Three additional Mii Fighter Costumes also made their debut during the “Mr. Sakurai Presents” live stream. Here’s a full rundown of every upcoming Smash Bros. Ultimate Mii fighter and their fighting style:

All Round 10 Mii Fighter Costumes list

  • Devil May Cry x Smash — Dante (Swordfighter)
  • Skyrim x Smash — Dragonborn (Swordfighter)
  • Tales of Symphonia x Smash — Lloyd (Swordfighter)
  • Shantae x Smash — Shantae (Brawler)

What makes Mii Fighter Costumes somewhat controversial is their purely cosmetic nature. Dante, in particular, is a character that boasts a diverse arsenal of weaponry and attacks. That won’t really translate to Smash Bros. Ultimate, where the Son of Sparda will instead control just like Lloyd, Dovahkiin, and any other Swordfighter Mii. Of course, there’s also the comparative lack of fine visual details that accompany “proper” roster additions.

It’s a little-known fact, but there’s actually a new DMC game in development right now. Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is bringin’ smokin’ style to mobile.

On the Smash Bros. Ultimate front, get a look at Tekken fighter Kazuya’s complete moves list.