Smash Ultimate reveals Tekken’s Kazuya as its next character

During the Nintendo Direct E3 presentation, Tekken’s Kazuya was revealed to be the latest addition to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. In addition to revealing the character, Kazuya full list of moves and abilities were showcased in a trailer.

Smash Ultimate Kazuya: All moves and abilities list

Smash Ultimate Tekken Kazuya

Full list of Smash Ultimate Kazuya moves

  • Tsunami Kick
  • Searing Edge
  • Flash Punch Combo
  • Steel Pedal Drop
  • Flash Tornado
  • Nejiri Uraken
  • Crouch Spin Kick
  • Twin Pistons
  • Sternum Smash
  • Jumping Sobat
  • Spinning Demon to Left Hook
  • Dragon Uppercut
  • Tombstone Crusher
  • Gates of Hell
  • Wind God Fist
  • Crouch Jab
  • Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kicks
  • Rising Toe Kick
  • Stature Smash
  • Crouch Dash
  • Left Splits Kick
  • Stonehead
  • Demon God Fist
  • Oni Front Kick
  • Double Face Kick
  • Demon Scissors
  • Jump Side Kick
  • Demon’s Wrath
  • Leaping Sidekick
  • Jumping Knuckle
  • Air Inferno
  • 10 Hit Combo

These moves combine to make Kazuya a formidable fighter. In the reveal trailer embedded below, Kazuya takes out a number of fan-favorite Smash Ultimate characters. He disposes of their bodies from the top of a cliff, though Kirby makes a stealthy getaway!

Expect to see a more extensive demonstration of Kazuya on June 28. While his moves may have been revealed, it’s how they combo together that shows where his strengths and weaknesses lie. Keen Smash Ultimate fans will want to tune into the show for the full details.

The Smash Ultimate Kazuya DLC release date isn’t yet known. Expect that to be confirmed during the showcase on June 28, when his moves are shown off in more detail.

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