Halo Infinite lets you customize your Spartan extensively

Halo Infinite is taking customization to the next level, giving players extensive control over what their playable spartan looks like. From tuning individual armor pieces to equipping different armor effects, it’s clear that developer 343 Industries is clearly aiming to make personalization a big part of the new Halo game.

Halo Infinite Customization Options: Multiplayer skins and armor details

Halo Infinite customization

Halo Infinite customization options include a huge number of multiplayer skins. Armor customization can be done on a per-piece level, letting players mix and match different armor parts.

Halo Infinite Armor Coating

There are also new Armor Coatings that cover the completed armor suit in a color or pattern. Think of them like Shaders from Destiny. These will provide both a color and material coating to armor pieces, giving them a unique look.

Halo Infinite Armor Event Core

Though only briefly discussed in the multiplayer reveal, Halo Infinite Armor Event Cores will be unique pieces of armor that players can unlock during time-limited events.

The Halo Samurai armor, for example, is an Armor Event Core. Players will presumably have to play the game during specific event times to unlock the core for themselves.

Halo Infinite Armor Effects

Though Halo Infinite’s Armor Effects have only been mentioned and not demonstrated, it’s easy to imagine “effects” making for unique death or spawning effects.

Perhaps being headshotted will cause confetti to burst out of the player’s skull, or something like that! Expect to hear more about this soon.

In other Halo Infinite news, players will be able to equip different “Personal A.I” announcers. This will surely make way for some celebrity appearances in the in-game store, right?!

Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass has been detailed. The big highlight is that it will never expire and its tiers can’t be purchased with real money. Players will actually have to earn these cosmetics by playing the game!

The Smart Scope gameplay mechanic was spotted during the game reveal. Here are the full details on this returning feature.